360Designs Takes Us To Mini 360 VR Land

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360Designs has created a true professional VR camera system using the  EYE professional-grade VR camera system . The original system incorporates up to 42 4K (or 2k) Blackmagic cameras, 24 professional-grade ‘silicone ear’ microphones, flexible control systems, and a novel 3-axis design, to capture the entire world around the camera at near gigapixel resolution.The system is modular, and individual components can be acquired separately, swapped out, or as a package. Every system they build is hand made.










The optional 3-axis design allows for capturing 3D depth (stereoscopic video) in all 3-axis (pitch, roll & turn) – something no camera has offered before. The camera can also run in traditional single axis, or 2-axis configuration, using less cameras. This makes it the first commercially available VR camera to offer a flexible and expansible system, that can grow as your VR needs require. If you want to stick with the known quantity of a single axis design, it’s there. If you want to experiment with something else, you can do that too.

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But today we want to talk about a system that may be a little more in our price range. The Mini-Eye 3 VR camera. Consisting of 3 Black Magic Design Mini Studio or Mini Cinema Cameras. This setup will put you back between $9,000 to $11,000 and can deliver live streaming as well.


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Below is the Camera Feature list:

  • Fully spherical professional live 360 video rig
  • Hide your (3) stitch lines easily
  • The best image and picture quality on the market
  • Fully genlocked out of the box
  • 3K or 6k stitched output (Micro Cinema Camera vs Micro Studio Camera)
  • HFOV 450 degrees – perfect for live use, 30 degrees of overlap per stitch line for post production
  • VFOV 380 degrees – fully spherical video, no zenith or nadir hole
  • Remote control using broadcast standard ATEM controllers
  • Remote control using Belafonte™ – our newly announced wired/wireless remote control platform for the Blackmagic Micro cameras
  • Fits in perfectly with professional productions, event production, sports production, concerts, festivals
  • Exclusive custom lens package, with professional calibration and per-camera lens matching for all lenses
  • Elegant, contemporary appearance with custom lens barrels exclusive to 360 Designs
  • All locking connections… throughout!
  • Robust CNC Aluminum or tough Nylon 12 rig frame
  • (Exclusive to 360 Designs) Custom J-Box, that simplifies all connections
  • Modular, dual-position rig frame design (rotate each camera 180 degrees for preferred cable entry position)
  • Patent pending, rear battery mount system with safety option (aka the ‘apron’ – available soon)
  • Pro-grade, included D-Tap battery cable, for powering the system off a single battery pack – Anton Bauer, Frezzi, Bescor, Switronix etc
  • All cameras and genlock can be powered off one included AC adapter which uses an industry standard locking 4-pin XLR cable
  • Comes ready to shoot or travel

Having seen 360 video from these cameras I can tell you that you can truly shoot cinematic VR with these beauties. In fact, the low light capability is fantastic.  Below is the demo reel from these amazing VR cameras.


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