3DR Enters the Classroom With 3DU









3DR is making their pitch to schools with 3DU. 3DU will support UAV Clubs or classes with both knowledge and discounts.

In 3DR’s own words:

The most exciting thing about the UAV industry is that no one knows exactly where the technology will take us. Its full potential is only beginning to be understood and we at 3DR are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new era of innovation. 

We created the 3DU program in recognition that the future of the UAV industry will emerge from the labs, classrooms and field sites across the globe. Our academic partners are preparing an entire generation for a new industry, transforming how education is done from the skydown. So whether you’re mapping archeological sites, farms or disaster zones, running an after-school K12 STEM program or doing a PhD on advanced computer vision, we want to support your efforts.

Interested in 3DR hardware for educational use? We offer discounts across our whole store—including Solo and accessories—to faculty, staff and students, with the ability to scale from individual projects to entire degree programs. Just fill out the application on this page and we’ll be in touch soon.

We want to use our megaphone to help promote your novel use of UAVs to the world. We’ll put the word out and help connect you and your ideas with likeminded people in your field. Let us know about:

  • New courses
  • Your papers and conference proceedings
  • Team competitions
  • Grants and awards
  • Hack-a-thons
  • Discoveries from the field
  • Capstone film projects
  • Anything else that highlights drone research and education.

We are dedicated to open-learning in the educational drone space.  If you are pioneering drone education by developing new classes, we offer:

  • Curriculum development support
  • Virtual visits direct from our office to your classroom
  • Webinars on different drone-related learning modules
  • Connections between you with others that would benefit from your expertise
  • Share what works and what doesn’t so we all move forward together!

For those who simply need something ready-to-fly, our Solo platform is ideal. Not only is Solo a powerful and hackable high-tech tool, it’s easy to fly, easy to teach, and has built-in safety features that make it a great fit for the classroom. Additionally, Solo’s Smart Shots—automated cinema—allow for perfect aerial shots for media and film programs, as well as repeatable data acquisition for your research so you can be confident the information collected today can be duplicated tomorrow.

For those who want to build their own drones, our open-source Pixhawk autopilot is the global industry standard, already used by hundreds of schools around the world. Pixhawk provides the flexibility needed for customized application—not only used in UAVs, but in boats, cars and even tractors—and is linked to a global community of expert developers you can look to for support and even collaboration for classes, experiments and programs.

If your school is interested please contact the web site link below.


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