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It’s almost as if you are a part of the story. So whether it is watching King Khan romancing his heroines or seeing the critically acclaimed American epic science fiction film Avatar, you will feel as if you have a role to play too. Well, almost. And the good part is that you needn’t go all the way to a movie hall next time you want to experience 3D adventure. With leading brands making a foray into this segment, you can view the spectacular effects of this technology in the comfort of your home.

Players such as Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic are wooing high-end clientele with add-on features and attractive offers in the 3D space. Samsung, for instance, launched its 3D TVs in March this year, across LED, LCD and plasma platforms. With features such as an ultra sleek thin form and a built-in tuner, a premium touch remote control as well as built-in 3D processors’ auto-conversion technology, the 9000 series TV packs in quite a bit. Says R Zutshi, deputy MD, Samsung India , “The USP is that the technology in this series has the ability to automatically convert 2D content into 3D. So in that sense a lot of variety in terms of content is possible. The response has been good with buyers mainly being high-end customers who are early adopters of new technology.” The prices across the three variants of Samsung range between Rs 1,29,000 and Rs 4,40,000.

At present, content in 3D is mostly available in the form of movies. Unlike in the US where DirecTV has launched a dedicated 3D channel, in India television programmes are not yet made specifically to target such an audience. But that too may change. Manish Sharma, director, marketing, Panasonic India is optimistic. “Content is a challenge right now.

But with the increasing demand for this product, this will change. Bollywood and the television industry are bound to work in that direction eventually,” he says. Panasonic has introduced two televisions in the 3D range priced at Rs 1,99,000 for a 50 inch TV and Rs 3,99,000 for the 65 inch one. Besides this, the brand is also promoting sales of its 3D camcorder which allows you to shoot videos. Adds Sharma, “The idea is to encourage generation of more content. The effects anyways are far better when you see something on 3D. It’s mainly the SEC A category in the main metro cities who are investing in this niche technology.”

Keeping the content generation in mind, players such as Sony have launched an array of 3D Home entertainment solutions which encompasses both hardware and software content in electronics, games, 3D content and professional solutions. While Sony PlayStation will be launching 10 titles by 2010, Sony Pictures will introduce 10 3D movies by 2012.

Says Tadato Kimura, GM , marketing, Sony India , “3D TV viewing is the next big step in home entertainment. The technology is very exciting as it offers the ultimate viewing experience to the consumers. We are expecting a good response from the market on this technological innovation.” Sony has launched three series of 3D LED televisions. The slim 3D Bravia HX 800 Series priced in the range of `1,23,000-`2,59,000 has Wi-Fi enabled feature together with an integrated Bravia Internet video which allows one to connect to the Internet and thus have access to more entertainment content.

Now you can merge the reel and the real. So get 3D in your home and switch on your dreams!


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