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Welcome to the Al Caudullo 360 VR University. Here you will find all the 360 VR tutorials in one place for you to access easily.

If you don’t find what you need then send me an email, al@3dguy.tv and I will try to get a tutorial done on the subject.

I hope these help. My wish is to see everyone shooting GOOD 360 VR content.


  1. A Quick Start Guide to 360 VR With The GoPro Omni
  2. How To Do Basic 360 Video Stitching with AVP
  3. How To Remove a 360 Rig with Kolor Autopano
  4. Hands-On Tutorial For The Kolor Omni Importer 2.6
  5. How To Remove the Rig in 360 Photos With Photoshop
  6. How To Use the Omni Importer for 360 Photos
  7. Mettle Skybox Studio V2 Hands-On Review
  8. How To Patch the Nadir Using Mettle SkyBox and After Effects
  9. How To Remove 360 Rig With Mettle Skybox Composer 2D Edit Method Two
  10. How To Use Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Transitions 2
  11. MochaVR Beta Steps Into 360 VR Post Production
  12. Using Red Giant Plural Eyes for 360 VR Videos

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