1. 3Days of 3D
  2. 3D Color Correction in EDIUS 7
  3. 3D Printing Glossary
  4. 3D Stereocopic Glossary
  5. Creating a 3D Blu-ray Disc from the EDIUS Timeline
  6. DroidPlanner Compatible Android Devices
  7. DroneSpeak Glossary
  8. EDIUS 7 3D Workflow
  9. Imagenomic’s Portraiture Software for Video
  10. Importing 3D Files into EDIUS 7
  11. Preparing Your 3D Clips in EDIUS 7
  12. Removing Unwanted People in Your Scene With Hit Film 3 Pro
  13. Tips and Tricks: Flying the 3D Robotics IRIS+
  14. Using the 3DR Solo App
  15. What I Like About EDIUS 6.5: Stereoscopic 3D Workflow
  16. Working With 3D Clips in EDIUS 7

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