AMD Releases Flagship Processor Designed For HD 3D

AMD has two new processors designed to boost high-definition, 3D multimedia playback on GPU-based devices. The company’s new Black Edition chips are part of its 8-series chipset, AMD’s initiative to boost visual experience for gamers and PC enthusiasts.

“The growth of high-definition and 3D multimedia content has created a new level of immersive visual experience,” AMD explained in a press release. “The versatility of VISION Technology-based PCs creates almost limitless possibilities for consumers, such as moving to the internet for video entertainment, creating lasting video and photo memories, playing the most visually intensive PC games, and improving performance when multi-tasking – all without sacrificing battery life.”

The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T is the high-end offering with features such as six-core performance, Turbo Core technology and unlocked clock multipliers. The other processor, AMD Phenom II X2 565 Black Edition, is AMD’s less expensive offering, and features high-speed performance for everyday PC enthusiasts. Other chip processors are targeting the rapidly expanding 3D video market. Nvidia has announced developments on technology that allows 3D video on web browsers and mobile devices.


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