Battle Royale Gets a 3D Re-Work As Anchor Bay Entertainment Scores American Distribution

Anchor Bay Entertainment will distribute a stereoscopic 3D version of the live-action film Battle Royale . A release is planned for 2011,  this new version opesn in Japan on November 20. The 3D conversion was over seen by Kenta Fukasaku, Director ofBattle Royale II: Requiem and son of the film’s late director Kinji Fukasaku.  Anchor Bay Entertainment appears to have snagged the rights from a pool of around 50 companies interested in the acquisition. Anchor Bay will also distribute the Battle Royale II: Requiem sequel in the United States in its original 2D format.

Battle Royale is a japanese cult hit that first came to screens in 2000. The brutally graphic tale puts a class of students, complete in their uniforms, on an island full of weapons and leg bracelet explosives. Adapted from Koushun Takami‘s novel, this alternate, fascist Japan State forces the students to an island to kill one another in an outlandish game of survival.

The mission is simple, be the last kid standing. The macabre humor brings live action to the melodrama of japanime…whimpering school girls and weapons like chainsaws, flame thrower, and sadly a garbage can lid for the unfortunate soul to find this tool of defense.Should be a pretty in your face 3D flick…though as a conversion it remains to be seen how well the 3D will work with some additional CGI scenes added.



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