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I sat down to write this giving myself a break in my other work today. It is pack out day for my next adventure, a 10-day shoot where I’ll be traveling and shooting from Bali to East Java. The agenda includes the ocean, mountains, waterfalls and even an active volcano spewing molten sulfur that is so hot it ignites and at night gives you a surreal view of Blue Fire oozing down the mountain.











The most important item that I am taking is my two Blueshape BubblePack batteries. These two amazing powerhouses will give life to my Panasonic Gh4 and Atomos Shogun, my Samsung NX1, GoPro Hero 4 and Fieyu-Tech Gimbal, and even keep 2 mobile phones and an iPad powered and/or charged for the full day of shooting. How? The Blueshape BubblePack has different adapter cables for each device and even a USB adapter cable. Literally, every camera and electronic device on this trip will be covered every day.

The BubblePack comes with a quick release mount and the bottom sports a satndard tripod mount. I attach a Manfrotto quick release so I can easily pull it off. An option that I highly recommend is the belt clip. For true run ‘n’ gun situations, it affords you the ultimate flexibility. I have two belt clips packed for this trip.

I’ll be reporting back and giving you the inside scoop on my trip to Bali-East Java soon. So please keep checking back.










As you can tell, I am unabashedly enamored with this battery system. And I think that I am in pretty good company. Shane Hulburt is another fan of the Blueshape Battery System.

In this story on his blog, he lists his 5 Reasons that Blueshape Batteries are the best for Filmmakers.

Click here to read more.



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