Buy Panasonic GT25 HDTV Purchase and get FREE: Blu-ray 3D Player, 3 Movies (including Avatar 3D) and Glasses

Although Panasonic’s 3D TVs have been among the highest rated, until now they have been difficult to find for online shoppers.  Panasonic felt the best way to assure a happy, educated 3D TV customer was to demonstrate and explain the technology in person so their VT25 series has only been available in select brick and mortar stores.   But this left bargain hunters and those who prefer the convenience of online shopping out in the cold.

Happily, Panasonic’s latest series of full HD 3D TVs, the GT25 series, is now available for online purchase, and Amazon is kicking things off right by discounting the TVs by 15% and throwing in everything you need to get started with 3D TV at home: a free Blu-ray 3D player, two pairs of 3D glasses, and two Blu-ray 3D movies (“Coraline” and “Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”).

Here’s the link for more details or to order now:

Free Blu-ray 3D Player, 3D Glasses and Movies with Purchase of Panasonic GT25 3D TV

Also buyers of this package will be eligible to receive a free Panasonic-exclusive copy of “Avatar” on Blu-ray 3D Disc by mail, just by sending in their sales receipt after December 1, 2010 (you do not need to wait to buy the TV in order to participate in this offer). Official details of the “Avatar 3D” offer have not yet been published by Panasonic, but you can read more about it here, thanks to a leaked flier from Best Buy: Avatar Blu-ray 3D Coming 12/01/10 for Panasonic 3D TV Owners.  That’s over $700 in freebies with your GT25 purchase, including an exclusive copy of the 3D version of the top-grossing movie of all time.

The GT25 series full HD 1080p Plasma HDTVs from Panasonic is available in two sizes: the 42-inch TC-P42GT25 and the 50-inch TC-P42GT25.  In addition to all the free goodies, Amazon is currently discounting each set 15% below list.  Both offer excellent 2D playback as well as outstanding 3D playback, with minimal crosstalk (ghosting) which can plague other 3D-ready TVs currently on the market.  Unlike the earlier VT25 series, the GT25 offers a 2D to 3D conversion mode that gives you an illusion of 3D depth on any content (though frankly, we’ve seen this mode and, like Samsung’s 2D to 3D option, it really isn’t that impressive).  Better to watch 2D content without glasses in 2D mode as the set’s rich color saturation, excellent moving picture resolution and deep blacks bring out the best in 2D TV viewing.

More details on the TVs is available on Amazon’s product pages:

42-inch TC-P42GT25 (currently $1429 with free shipping)

50-inch TC-P50GT25 (currently $1789 with free shipping)

The Player included in the bundle is Panasonic’s DMP-BDT100, recently reviewed by our own Geoff Morrison who found it offered excellent performance on Blu-ray Discs and very good upconversion of DVDs to boot.  In addition to Blu-ray 3D support, the player features Panasonic’s full suite of VIERA Cast online apps and streaming options, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, Pandora and more.  You can read more in his DMP-BDT100 review.

The 3D Movies and 2 pairs of active shutter 3D glasses are included in Panasonic’s 3D Starter Kit.  The glasses feature adjustable nose pieces for maximum comfort and batteries are included so you’ll be up and running right out of the box.  The “Avatar” Blu-ray 3D mail-in offer details will be available on Panasonic’s web site in the near future.  This Amazon bundle offer expires November 27 although it can be discontinued earlier at their discretion.

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