Digital Anarchy release Flicker Free​

Digital Anarchy has released Flicker Free, the next generation of flicker removal software.

£61 | $99 | €76 Introductory Price! Save 33% until March 31, 2014!


Flicker Free is a powerful and easy way to deflicker video, an issue that’s common with varying exposures in time lapse and slow motion (high frame rate) video. Flicker Free can also remove rolling flicker that is commonly found in footage shot under LED lights, footage of tv screens or computer monitors, or flicker caused by electrical interference. It’s a perfect tool for restoring old or archival footage too!


Ease of Use:

The simple UI and presets makes it fast and easy to find the perfect settings for your footage. There’s no need to analyze histograms, re-time footage, or other complex tasks.



Presets for many different types of flicker makes it easy to deflicker video footage.


Analyse on the Fly:

You can get to work quickly. Flicker Free adjusts the brightness on every frame and doesn’t require any ‘pre-analysis’,


Supports Many Host Apps:

After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro are available immediately.

Avid Media Composer, Davinci Resolve, Assimilate Scratch, and Sony Vegas coming soon.


Source: Press Release


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