Flying the Birdly: Making dreams come true in Virtual Reality

Oculus Development Kit Birdly-sEver have a dream where you are flying, under your own power, not in a plane? For those of you who have had those amazing dreams and want more your time may have come.

The Zurich University of the Arts has developed a flying simulator (with wings) to give you just that experience including smells (8 different smells so far). Using 3D data from PLW Modelworks it is possible to fly over a computer generated San Francisco just like a bird, complete with wing flapping!
This is just one example of many new experiences we can now have through Virtual Reality!

Join me to learn more about the 4D Arts in my online class “Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension”.

Beginning April 25th this course is available to anyone online Live – 8 x 2 hour sessions each looking at a different 4th Dimensional Art ranging from holograms to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Check out the course details on my blog at or contact me directly at Early bird discount for those who sign up by April 20th.

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