Guidelines For the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications 3D Theater Session


The mission of the 3D Theater at the annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference is to
showcase how 3D content is currently being used and produced around the world. You can find an
illustrated listing of the content that we have shown at previous events here:
The 2018 3D Theater session will be held as part of the SD&A conference at the Hyatt Regency San
Francisco Airport near San Francisco, California, which is in turn part of the Electronic Imaging
Symposium over January 28 – February 1, 2018. The 3D Theater will be held on Monday evening 6:00-
7:30PM January 29, 2018. More details about the SD&A conference are available here:
The producers of the 3D Theater session are Andrew Woods (Curtin University), Chris Ward (Lightspeed
Design), and John Stern (Intuitive Surgical, retired).

There is no fee for submitting your content to the SD&A 3D Theater session.
The SD&A conference uses high-quality polarized 3D projection facilities at the conference and the
audience is provided with free polarized 3D glasses for viewing the 3D projected images and video. The
projection screen is 16 foot (horizontal) by 9 foot (vertical) in size. We can project 3D footage in Full-HD
(1920×1080) resolution or D-Cinema 2K resolution.
The 3D Theater will accept submissions in two overall categories:
• 3D Demonstration
• 3D Competition
The 3D Demonstration category is a forum to showcase new 3D work and innovative technologies.
Content accepted into this category will be presented as stand-alone works and will NOT be judged
against any other content.
The 3D Competition category is a forum to compete against other 3D entries for a “Best of Show” prize in
each of two sub-categories (Live Action and Animated) to be awarded by a jury of stereoscopic 3D
You may enter each piece of content in only one of the submission categories. Please indicate the
submission category on your submission form.

The preferred file formats for 3D content submissions are:
a) DCP JPEG 2000 for playback on a Digital Cinema Server (unencrypted only), or
b) DQ3D (DepthQ 3D native format). A free codec from Lightspeed Design is available for personal use
only, not licensed for commercial use. Be sure to read the instructions below before using this codec.
• Installation instructions:
• Encoding instructions:
• Codec plus full instructions:
In limited circumstances we may also be able to accept 3D media files in other formats readable by the
DepthQ Player software. DepthQ player can handle a wide range of 3D formats – both real-time and
offline. The preferred 3D format is separate left/right files, with an associated audio file. Other 3D formats
include: Above/Below (or side-by-side) Full Frame MPEG or Motion JPG, Pic video, AVI; Left and Right,
HD MPEG files; Left and Right, TIF image sequence; Accepted codecs are: H.264, MPEG, Motion JPG or
VC-1 in AVI or WMV. If in doubt, please ask.
Due to the limited duration of the 3D Theater session and our desire to showcase as much 3D content as
possible, content submissions will be limited to approximately 3 minutes duration. In special
circumstances, the organizers may consider longer submissions. If longer 3D content is submitted, an
appropriate subset (start and stop times) should be identified by the submitter, or else the organizers
reserve the right to show a suitable subset of the content. Ordinarily the 3D Theater does not screen
credits due to the limited duration of the session. All screened content will receive marketing exposure by
being listed on the conference website:
Submission of content does not guarantee showing at the 3D Theater. The organizers will conduct a preselection.
3D content and submission forms must be received by 22 December, 2017.
You may download the submission form here:
Please email the completed submission form to: 3dsubmission
The 3D content will be handled by Lightspeed Design / DepthQ located in Bellevue, Washington (state),
USA. Lightspeed has handled the 3D Theater content for many years (which has included some leading
Hollywood studio content) and undertakes to handle your content with respect and integrity.
The 3D content can be transferred to Lightspeed electronically via FTP, or by shipping physical media
such as hard drive, thumb drive, data-DVD/Blu-ray disc, or 3D Blu-ray disc.
(1) If you wish to use FTP (file transfer protocol over the internet), just email us requesting an incoming
FTP account and we will set one up for you. We have received multi-gigabyte files this way successfully
in the past. We can also download from your own FTP account.
(2) If you wish to send physical media, please ship it to:
Lightspeed Design, Inc.
ATTN: Dan Lawrence
1611 116th Ave. NE
Suite 112
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: +1 425.637.2818, Fax: +1 425.968.1280
Email: Dan.Lawrence
If you do choose to ship content, please send email (3dsubmission with details of the
shipment (carrier and consignment number). All media can be returned to you or a representative at the
Content providers may register for the entire Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference at the
discounted author rate. If you only wish to attend the 3D Theater session, we can arrange a free 3D
Theater session pass (please arrange before the show). Attendance at the conference is not a
requirement for the acceptance of your content. Participation in the 3D Theater session does not grant
you access to the SD&A conference. SD&A conference registration details are here:

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