Kinect’s 3D Hacks Flying out into 3D Controller Space

Seems like the current circuit to bend is the Xbox 360 Kinect controller Hack and Microsoft seems all but encouraging the trend. Companies like Belgian software Softkinetic are pushing a content developer program for engineers to am a stab at a cottage industry. Ever since an open source PC driver was devised to turn Kinect into a standard USB device, amateur developers are creatively applying new concepts to apply to a”controller-less controller.” DIY developers have turned Kinect into a 3D live rendering camera, a controller for a self-piloting quadracopter, a Windows 7 peripheral, aninvisible piano keyboard, and dozens of other tools. This is 3D “free space” being used as a controller. In early November, a $2,000 “bounty” was offered for the first person to hack the device. After the clever hacks started rolling out, Xbox spokesman Alex Kipman said in a radio interview that the “hack” was built upon a quality of Kinect that was intentionally left unprotected. He also went on to say that fans using this hack would not be legally punished.


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