LG leaks Their Own Surprises for CES 2011

Korean tech giant outs new 3D gadgets early this year.  LG has prematurely unveiled a selection of its upcoming CES 2011 offerings as two complete home cinema systems with 3D Blu-ray player centers are outed.   Set to be officially showcased at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month the LG 7.2 HX996TS and smaller 5.1 HB906SB have appeared with a variety of extra dimensional credentials, kicking off what is expected to be a strong 3D offering from the Korean company in 2011.

Featuring a 7.2 speaker system and LG’s Vertical 3D Effect Channel tech, the HX996TS utilises top playing tallboy speakers that send audible waves above user’s heads to create a virtual extra dimensional sound experience whilst the 5.1 surround sound system comprises of four bookshelf satellite speakers and a central speaker and sub.   Both systems come equipped with USB recording credentials, two HDMI connection ports, an inbuilt iPhone/iPod dock as well as Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connectivity options.   Launched alongside the two speaker systems, LG has unveiled a standalone 3D Blu-ray dubbed the BD600 which again features cable and wireless internet connection possibilities alongside an internal 250GB hard drive. Stay tuned to 3dguy.tv for podcasts coverage of CES 2011.

source: pocketlint

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