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Some companies being honored at the 2014 SBA Nevada Small Business Awards sell goods or services, and some work behind the scenes to help businesses grow. If you have a business that you would like to grow then you will want to save as much money as possible, you will want to save money on bills such as utility bills and therefore may want to check out a Utility Bidder.

But all of the entrepreneurs and champions of economic development in Nevada receiving awards came from modest beginnings, and all of them are committed to their communities.

The nominees were judged on their staying power, growth in the number of employees and increases in sales. An independent panel of business leaders analyzed the companies’ financial reports, responses to obstacles, community-oriented projects and small-business advocacy. They examined their products and services for innovation.


Neo3Do bagged the MicroEnterprise Business of the Year Award this year!

The men behind 3D Film Connection, or 3DFC, moved to Las Vegas to corner the market on 3-D display technology.

Their crowd-funded enterprise is this year’s Microenterprise Business of the Year.

Microenterprise often refers to a small business with five or fewer employees funded with microloans and other nontraditional forms of lending.

And it is true that the team is only a few people. David Briggs and Nick Spriggs literally do the job of 10 men.

It was only last year that Briggs and Spriggs began production of the NEO3DO, a 3-D tablet that does not require any glasses and has the capability to transform two-dimensional videos, stills and Android apps into 3-D in real time. The partners bought a registered office address and spent two years and $100,000 of their own money before turning to Indiegogo for the capital to finish and cement their status as 3-D trailblazers.

Briggs devoted himself to 3DFC and the NEO3DO tablet in January 2011, and has since become an expert in 3-D display technology and mobile Internet device manufacturing. The 29-year-old Virginia native has worked in the Internet marketing field since 2006.

Spriggs moved to Las Vegas with Briggs after 14 years in San Diego. Before joining 3DFC in June 2011, he worked in the commercial mortgage and private equity field for more than 15 years and was responsible for companies with more than $500 million in revenue and more than 7,500 employees.

But that was not their only foray into crowdfunding last year. During the winter holiday season, the men held another Indiegogo campaign to pay for a partnership with an area elementary school giving students the chance to learn in 3-D.


Complete list of awardee and more at the Las Vegas Review Journal site.

Source: reviewjournal.com

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