Netflix “Stranger Things” Releases VR Experience










If you can’t get enough of Netflix’s hit thriller “Stranger Things,” you’re in luck! The streaming service has just rolled out “The Stranger Things Online Experience,” a virtual reality adventure that will let you immerse yourself into the show and discover the shocking truth behind Will’s disappearance.

The terrifying VR experience is best enjoyed in a quiet room where you can strap on your Google Cardboard, plug in your headphones and let the world of “Stranger Things” completely surround you. The 360 video can also be seen on mobile or through your computer.

Netflix also had the cast and creators of the series live out one of the scariest scenes inspired by the show. Watch as Matt and Ross Duffer and actors Millie Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, and Gaten Matarazzo go through “The Stranger Things Experience.”

Did you know 26 per cent use a VPN to access blocked content at work? Imagine not have access to watch Stranger Things! You’re missing out. “Stranger Things” has become an online phenomenon and fans have been anxiously waiting to hear if there will be a second season. The first season chronicles the disappearance of a boy who vanishes under highly suspicious circumstances and follows his mother and friends as they go in search of him.

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