Nikon Finally Drops Keymission 360 Action Camera










With everything that is happening in 360 VR, the announcement way back in January seems like a very long time ago. At CES, Nikon teased us with the Nikon Keymission 360. Now it has finally arrived. Priced at $499, the Nikon Keymission 360 boasts two 21 Megapixel 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor and a seven element f/2.0 lens. The recording system offers the following specs:










3840 x 2160p / 24/30 fps
High Definition
1920 x 1080p / 24 fps
1440 x 960p / 25 fps
1440 x 960p / 30 fps

The shutter speeds range from 1/16000-1/30 sec and ISO from 100-1600 with exposure metering being center-weighted, Matrix style.











Still images are captured as JPEG: 29 Megapixel, 7744 x 3872 (2:1)

The case is waterproof and rated to 30 meters depth.

Stitching is reportedly done in camera, so it’s ready to share. But, if you’d rather do a minor edit first, the new KeyMission mobile app for Android and iOS facilitates that as well as letting you change settings and gives you a live preview from the camera. Desktop software for Mac and Windows is also included with more editing options.

3 comments on “Nikon Finally Drops Keymission 360 Action Camera

  1. Tim on

    Just got mine yesterday from B&H (how did QVC channel have it first?), did some real estate shooting with it today. Had serious frustration with pairing but it finally started working. And then I encountered a problem with compatibility with PowerDirector15 editor adding pillars in the videos in the timeline, but at least it does its own internal stitching. The stitching issue was why I returned the my first 360 purchase. The stills look great with minimal adjustments to the settings. I expect some firmware and software updates will be coming.

  2. Alejandro Castan on

    Mr Caudullo.
    First thanks to share the info with us!
    On the other hand and since I am looking for some inexpensive 360 Camera to shoot and then I can create VR assets. What was the best 360 camera for this purpose.? Theta or Keymission 360 or Vuze? Please let me know if you know any better option.
    Thanks for your time
    Alejandro Castan

    • al.caudullo on

      I am not sure what kind of VR Assets you are trying to create. For professional use, you need something like the Keymission or better. I can not endorse the Keymission at this point because I have not had hands on time with it. But the Theta S is only HD video quality. The Vuze is not shipping yet as far as I know.


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