Part of New Panasonic GH5 Top secret Leaked!

Egami, via,, has spotted a patent filed by Panasonic— an external hybrid (optical and electronic) viewfinder!

The hybrid viewfinder will be able to communicate with the camera and obtain information such as focal length.

Panasonic External Hybrid Viewfinder Patent Details

Explanation self interpretation of patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-191110,2014-191112
    • Published 2014.10.6
    • Filing date 2013.3.26
  • Panasonic patent
    • External mounting on the hot shoe finder
    • Hybrid of EVF and OVF
    • I supplied with power from the camera body
    • Communicates with the camera body, to obtain information such as the focal length
    • OVF function
      • With zoom
      • Are zooming to become a wide field frame than the imaging lens
      • Built-in EVF display panel, and displays the captured image frame
      • Photographing image frame parallax automatic correction
    • EVF function
      • When the angle of view of the imaging lens, it is beyond the zoom range of OVF, switched to the EVF
      • I have a light shielding plate for shielding the incident light OVF


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