Rendermedia And Sir Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine 3D Animation

Augmented Reality Jet engine App from Rendermedia CGI on Vimeo.

The team at Rendermedia stepped up to the #edtech challenge when they were commissioned to create a 3D animation for a TV documentary called ‘Sir Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine’ for the UK History Channel. This topic was linked to the national educational (UK) curriculum for 12-16 year olds, linking engineering, maths and science.

This was the start of the Rendermedia #edtech CSR program which is all about driving core educational messages through the use of rich visual mediums from 3D to augmented reality to interactive apps and beyond.

Following a great deal of positive industry feedback regarding ‘Frank Whittle’s jet Engine’ 3D animation Rendermedia decided to drive the #edtech agenda further by providing open access to the asset by reformatting it into an animated clip for YouTube which to date has attracted over 5.2 million views and continues to help students visualise how a Jet engine works as well as comment and share the assets with peers.

To view the animated clip of the jet engine click here;

Rendermedia collaborated with UK curriculum leaders and two hundred 12-16 year olds. They engaged with teachers and students to develop the animation much further by creating an augmented interactive reality (AR) experience via IOS devices.   The app is now available for free via IOS app and it is now available for free download on the Apple store here;


Rendermedia is a digital content creation consultancy that brings clients ideas and products to life through the creation of infographics, interactive graphics, animation and video that can be used to create an immersive experience across multimedia communication platforms including the web, smart phone, tablet and broadcast environments. Recreating and simplifying the physical into the digital.

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