SD&A Recognizes Highest Cited 3D Papers in the Conference’s 25 Successful Years

Depth-image-based rendering (DIBR), compression, and transmission for a new approach on 3D-TV

The chairs of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference are pleased to announce the completion of a citation analysis conducted to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the conference. The SD&A conference is the largest and longest-running technical conference dedicated to all forms of stereoscopic 3D imaging, including displays, image-capture, processing, and perception. The inaugural conference was held in February 1990 in Silicon Valley and has been held annually in the San Francisco Bay Area since that time. Over the 25 years of the conference there have been 1379 papers published in the conference’s 25 conference proceedings volumes.

The citation analysis revealed the top 10 cited papers at the point of the 25th annual conference, and they are as follows:

1 “Depth-image-based rendering (DIBR), compression, and transmission for a new approach on 3D-TV” Christoph Fehn (2004). 704 citations.
2 “Image distortions in stereoscopic video systems” Andrew J. Woods, Tom Docherty, Rolf Koch (1993). 417 citations.
3 “Perceptual issues in augmented reality” David Drascic, Paul Milgram (1996). 237 citations.
4 “Controlling perceived depth in stereoscopic images” Graham R. Jones, Delman Lee, Nicolas S. Holliman, David Ezra (2001). 156 citations.
5 “Variation and extrema of human interpupillary distance” Neil A. Dodgson (2004). 149 citations.
6 “Image preparation for 3D LCD” Cees van Berkel (1999). 122 citations.
7 “Effect of disparity and motion on visual comfort of stereoscopic images” Filippo Speranza, Wa James Tam, Ron Renaud, Namho Hur (2006). 100 citations.
8 “Geometry of binocular imaging” Victor S. Grinberg, Gregg W. Podnar, Mel Siegel (1994). 99 citations.
9 “Depth keying” Ronen Gvili, Amir Kaplan, Eyal Ofek, Giora Yahav (2003). 94 citations.
10 “Viewpoint-dependent stereoscopic display using interpolation of multiviewpoint images” Akihiro Katayama, Koichiro Tanaka, Takahiro Oshino, Hideyuki Tamura (1995). 92 citations.

The SD&A conference congratulates the authors of these papers on the high impact their work has had on the field of stereoscopic 3D imaging. All authors of papers published in the SD&A proceedings series are also to be thanked for contributing to 25 successful years of the SD&A conference.

The citation analysis, conducted with the assistance of the Google Scholar platform, was performed on 30 January 2014 and revealed a range of useful statistics about the impact of the conference’s publication activities. Up to the census date, there has been a total of 12681 citations across all of the SD&A published papers (an average of 9 citations per paper), and a h5 index of 18. The h5 index is a measure used to assess both the productivity and impact of published work and this figure compares well with journals in the same field of study.

The SD&A conference has served and continues to serve as an important focal point for the stereoscopic imaging industry. When the conference launched 25 years ago the stereoscopic industry was relatively small but it offered great potential. Today the installed base of stereoscopic displays, the availability of stereoscopic capable software, and the impact of 3D technology on cinema is huge. It has been a fun ride and it is pleasing to know the SD&A conference has made a valuable contribution to technical growth in the field. We look forward to the continued success of the conference.



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