Tribeca Film Festival Showing VR Films

Tribeca Film Festival-VR-films-sThis week the Tribeca Film Festival has opened it’s doors to a new medium, 360 degree Virtual Reality Films. Until recently viewing films has been a single perspective view experience where the viewer follows the viewpoint of one single camera (or two together if you are viewing in stereo). However, as we move ever more into the immersive media of the 4D Arts we are being offered totally new experiences, in this case 360 degree views that are recorded with a spherical array of cameras.


In these experiences we are following the viewpoint of a camera person with the camera in a rig that is above the heads of the audience. When you are wearing a VR headset  you have the opportunity to look around and view a full 360 degrees around the scene. This totally changes the process of film making and has got Hollywood and independent film makers alike exploring this new medium.


At the Tribeca Film Festival you will have the opportunity of trying out a number of these new experiences including a VR version of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary performance where you get to look at the famous members of the audience as they watch the performance.


This is a taste of the many VR experiences coming down the pipeline over the next year. If you are new to the 4D Arts and want to learn more about the many new media and experiences coming our way then join me for my next online class starting April 25th –  Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension. Full details of the course curriculum can be viewed on my blog at


Beginning April 25th this course is available to anyone online Live – 8 x 2 hour sessions each looking at a different 4th Dimensional Art ranging from holograms to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Check out the course details on my blog at or contact me directly at Early bird discount for those who sign up by April 20th.

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