360Today-Insta360 Debuts EVO Dual 360/VR180 Camera

Well, the wait is over and is anyone really surprised that Insta360 has stepped into the Hybrid Immersive camera market with the EVO, a foldable camera that shoots both 360 and 3D VR180 and sells for $419.99!

Come to think of it maybe this year is the year of the “foldable.” After all Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Razor all have debuted foldable phones this year.

But back to the EVO.

The specs say 5.7K Video and 18MP Photos.  There is no visual display, but it does have indicator lights with icons that show when the camera is in video or photo mode. There is a power button and a mode button. The top side of the camera shows the release button to unfold the camera and a lock sliding switch. There is a second lock slide switch on the side that would lock the camera in the 360 position.

Just below that is the micro-USB, ( sorry guys but why no USB-C? ) and the microSD slot.

The battery is built in and not removable with a rating of 1200mAh.

The weight is a slim and trim 113 grams.

On the bottom of the camera, there is a single standard tripod mount hole, and that side also sports the master Rest button which is inset so that you don’t accidentally press it.

The camera, as you can see, is a boxy little affair measuring just a hair under 2”x1” for each individual camera. So that means just under 4” x 2”x1” total size. This is definitely something that can slip in your pocket easily. As you can see it’s bigger than a credit card but smaller than the average smartphone.

The actual image testing is still happening right now, so I will report back, but early indications show that the image quality is about the same as the Insta360 One X. It uses Flow-state stabilization in 360 mode and in VR180 mode the basic gyro stabilization is used. This should do ok for minor shakes but for 3D Vr180 I would suggest a gimbal.

The app is available for iOS, and Android

And there is the new Insta360 VR aap for Oculus Go, HTC Vive Focus, and the Samsung Gear VR.

This will allow you to connect your EVO to a headset for streamlined wireless playback and transfer.

The Insta360 HoloFrame is a specially designed phone display cover that lets you watch 3D photos and videos with the naked eye.

Sold separately, HoloFrame is available today for iPhone models X, XS, XS Max and XR, with

additional versions for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+ and Note 8 models coming soon.

How will this camera match up against it’s competition?

The Kandao Qoocam?

The Vuze XR?

Well, we will see very shortly.

And if you want one really fast order with the link below and get a free selfie stick! https://bit.ly/2EXKori

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