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3D Camera for iPhone

With 3D Camera, it’s easy to create your own stereo images and post them online. There’s even a stereogram mode that allows you to view 3-D images without any special hardware at all.

Juicy Bits Software’s $2 iPhone app, 3D Camera, threatens to bring the 3-D image back down to earth.

3D camera for iPhone...have a try!

Utilizing 3D Camera is simple, though its functionality is stalled by a limitation imposed by Apple. To take a stereo photo with your iPhone, you must actually take two shots, both pointed in the same direction but with the perspective moved a couple of inches to the right, to mimic the distance amid your right and left eyes.

What this means is that you must take a photo, then hold your iPhone steady as you tap the Use button to approve the image, then move the iPhone slightly, then tap the shutter button again. Apple has refused to approve a version of 3D Camera that uses an overlay effect to take the speculation out of aligning your shots, and apparently Apple’s approved tools for developers also don’t allow you to take two pictures is quick succession. 3D Camera works around these limitations by allowing you to align your photos afterward, so that the same objects are in the same place in both images.)

Once two images snapped and aligned, 3D Camera lets you produce output imagery in customary red/blue anaglyph format, as well as the less common gray anaglyph format. You can also generate a stereogram, two side-by-side images that will appear three dimensional if you cross your eyes and allow the two images to drift together.

After you choose what format you want your 3D image in, tapping on the export button will allow you to send it to your Camera Roll for later syncing to iPhoto. You can also automatically post the image to Twitter or send it to Facebook, right from within 3D Camera.

3D Camera does its job and does it good. But it doesn’t upload to Flickr and it’s too hard to take two images that line up properly. Second is more the fault of Apple for not giving third-party camera apps more control over how pictures get taken.

3D Camera is compatible with any iPhone running the iPhone 2.2.1 software update.

source: macworld.com