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3D Football Game On Screen Next Year – Cineworld

Cineworld, UK’s second-largest cinema plans to do live 3D Football Game on screen next year. It will be an exciting one through those 3D glasses and loudspeakers with sounds of yelling fans. They are also looking into bringing boxing matches, too. No doubt those who love Online sports betting will find this an attractive option, as they could engage with their activity of choice from their seat (provided they keep the brightness down on their phone). Either way, considering how many people have been able to watch concerts, musicals and theatre productions (to name but a few) from cinemas recently it seems only logical to bring in the beautiful game and its other sporty companions. This is likely to draw a lot more people to their cinemas. Live sport is something that most fans love to watch, so this will bring more fans closer to the sport they love. Fans can even place bets on their favorite teams now by using something like BetMGM (read this BetMGM Review here). This will allow fans to potentially win some money if their team is successful. Hopefully, live sport will add to this excitement. Cineworld just announced their aspirations for the chain last August 20,2009 and also announced for the first two quarters, their profits rushed up to 33%.

Movies shown the previous months brought 18% if movie-viewers them. People paid more for 3D films. It is really a growing market. More upcoming movies such as Toy Story in 3D and St. Trinian’s 2 look set to boost profits further.

“We want something where fathers and sons can come along too and will probably take out the alcohol element”, Stephen Weiner said, Chief Executive- Cinemaworld.

“3D is a very exciting concept, especially when it comes to sport, and we’ve been offered football.”

A 3D Football Game on screen would be exciting!

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