3D HP and Dell Notebooks

At CES in 2008 and 2009, NVIDIA was showing off some sweet 3D gaming tech in its booth. In 2008, it was the glorious 3D in the NVIDIA booth. 3D is coming of age rapidl. 3D is also set to come to our notebooks.

DigiTimes reports that Wistron has received an order to build 3D notebooks for both HP and Dell. These HP and Dell notebooks will presumably be gaming machines since gamers are the most frequent group of early adapters.

According to reports, Wistron is also in discussions with Lenovo and Sony to bring 3D notebooks to market. Wistron has a 3D system that it builds on patents that it owns. This fact makes the Wistron 3D system cost only slightly more than a non-3D machine reports DigiTimes.

Soon these notebooks will be 3D compatible

source: digitimes

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