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What is Facebook Doing With My Data From Oculus Rift?

In a story on Business Insider by Ben Gilbert, Tech Insider the question is raised about Data collected my Facebook Oculus Rift.

In particular the camera recording all of your moves. Seriously, it’s easy to understand why the system would catalog this information. Are people making much ado about nothing? Have we become so afraid of sharing any data about anything? But yet we post volumes and volumes every day freely and openly. Or is that it? Is it the fact that we are hosting it but that the system is collecting it. I’m sorry, but I just can’t see what nefarious purposes could be applied to the information. But please, dear readers, read on and judge for yourself.

Facebook’s long-anticipated virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, is finally available. It costs $600, requires a powerful computer to run, and is sold out for months due to demand. 
You get much more than just a headset for your money; the Oculus Rift package also includes the game “Lucky’s Tale”, an Oculus Remote, an Xbox One gamepad, and the Oculus Sensor.

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