4k Content Hub Teams Up with Al Caudullo to Produce ‘Ancient Angkor 4k’



(Melbourne, September 18, 2014) Al Caudullo Production and Australian based distributor, 4k Content Hub, announce a partnership to work on an ambitious 4k production. The production is set to begin in September at the world famous Angkor, Cambodia.

The shoot will include the use of helicopters, balloons, boats and more. Set to be released by the end of November 2014, the production features the use of the ground breaking Panasonic GH4 Camera system. Al Caudullo a long-term innovator and known for his work as the 3D Guy has decided to use Panasonic GH4 due, in part, to its already proven ability to ‘out shoot’ other much more expensive 4K UHD cameras. “This is our 4th 4k production and after experimenting with different equipment we now know that this is the ideal combination to get the best results for our budget”, he added.


Torsten Hoffmann, CEO of 3D / 4k Content Hub has been successfully distributing Al Caudullo’s films for over 4 years. “We started to work together with stereoscopic 3D films, which we licensed to more than 20 territories”. The distributor has now expanded into 4k films, a market that is growing quickly. “We see large demand from Consumer Electronic and Technology companies as well as from Video on Demand platforms all over the world. Asia is ahead of the curve and we expect the first broadcasters and Blu Ray labels to embrace Ultra-HD in the next 12 months”.

The two companies have agreed to co-finance this project together as it is more ambitious and larger in scale than previous projects. Both parties are reporting the first 4k distribution deals and see a great
potential in Ultra-HD in the future as the television sets are getting more popular and affordable. However, just as it was the case with 3D, 4k content is still lacking. Caudullo is involved in several upcoming 3D features, including “Iron Justice”, a 3D Action Adventure film. Caudullo states that, “4KTV is 3D’s best friend, with almost all 4KTV’s featuring the 3D feature. 3D and soon 4K3D are the future of the market. But at the present time the demand for quality UHD content is a big opportunity; too big to ignore”. 4k Content Hub will exclusively distribute the 4k version of the film which will be presented and pitched at the upcoming MIPCOM in Cannes. The two production partners are still looking for a sales agent for the regular HD version.

For media enquiries please contact Brinda Paul at [email protected]

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