Samsung unleashes the largest 3D LED at 65 in available now!

While 3D HDTVs were introduced back at CES earlier this year across the entire board of manufacturers, they have yet to catch on in a big way. After all, how many living rooms of friends whom you know have a 3D LED HDTV? That has not stopped various manufacturers from continue to churn out additional models, and Samsung leads the way with their latest 65-inch monster known as the Samsung UN65C8000. This model is the largest Full HD 3D LED TV available in the market for homes worldwide today, where it will come with Samsung’s built-in 3D processor, real 240Hz refresh rate technology, dynamic 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio and proprietary Precision Dimming technology. You will find it more than able to deliver unsurpassed picture quality and an immersive 3D experience without compromising on your living room’s aesthetics thanks to its ultra-slim design. More on the Samsung UN65C8000 is available after the jump.

This model will also be able to hook up to the Internet, thanks to its WiFi-ready mode as well as ability to support Skype thanks to Samsung Apps. Basically, this translates to the Samsung UN65C8000 ending up as a really, really large display that brings an almost life-like quality to video calls. Too bad the technology isn’t there for 3D video calling just yet, but keep your fingers crossed that such a feature will be made available to end users like you an I sometime down the road. Not only that, you are able to access a full range of apps including Hulu Plus and ESPN Next Level through Samsung Apps at your convenience.

It is expected that the Samsung UN65C8000 will retail for $5,999.99 as it hits the market this month, but just in case that does not really suit your budget in these economically trying times, Samsung has also made sure its 2010 Plasma HDTV line-up is expanded with a trio of new 3D-enabled plasma TVs, namely the PN58C680, the PN50C680 and the PN50C490 which will retail for $2,299.99, $1,599.99 and $1,099.99, respectively.

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