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Adobe First With H.265 & HDR Announcement










Adobe continues to jump out in front surging past it’s nearest competitors with the announcement of some major  implementations. As predicted a few months ago by your’s truly, Adobe revealed support for H.265 with the latest crop of improvements. They are not saying exactly when to expect the update other than saying later this year.

This comes at a time when the only camera in the market recording in H.265 is the Samsung NX1. So this jump proves that Samsung is on the right track.

Along with support for H.265 we will be seeing support for DNxHR, and OpenEXR media, for both encode and decode. In addition, they are saying initial support for HDR. It does not say anything yet about utilizing the Rec.2020 standard which would truly give you High Dynamic Range workflow.

Lots of other goodies were announced as well at IBC this year with the following.

Comprehensive native format support for editing 4K-to–8k footage in Premiere Pro CC, which Adobe says ushers in a new era of UltraHD. Continued color advancements with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows in Premiere Pro CC and improved color fidelity and color adjustments will come to After Effects CC. Deeper support for ARRI RAW, Rec. 2020 and other Ultra HD and HDR formats.

Introduction of a touch environment with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Character Animator optimized for Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows 8 tablets or Apple track pad devices. Updated support for Creative Cloud Libraries across CC desktop video tools, powered by Adobe CreativeSync. Now assets, including images from Adobe Stock, instantly appear in After Effects and Premiere Pro, to bring creative visions to life.

In Adobe Media Encoder, Destination Publishing, a single action solution for rendering and delivering content to popular social platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, will now also include Facebook to showcase and promote social media projects and campaigns more easily.

Adobe Anywhere, a workflow platform for enterprise teams to collaborate, will add the ability to be deployed as either a multi-location streaming solution or a single-location collaboration-only version. Adobe Media Encoder will also support audio loudness standards.

For more info go to http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/coming-soon-to-video-a-redefinition-of-high-definition/