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An Easy Dozen Games for HTC VR Headset











With pre-orders for the new HTC VR Headset about to begin, I wanted to give you a, ‘head’s up’, so to speak, about a dozen games that will be available when you get your hands on the headset.

First, in the best “first person, kill all the zombies’ category we have Arizona Sunshine.

Final Approach takes a more light-hearted stab at aeronautics. Try to guide your plane to a safe landing while chaos reigns all around you.

Elite: Dangerous, takes you into space for a shootout.

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed, is an environmental puzzle, unlock the solution and move to the next level. Highly addicting.

Hover Junkies is a unique first person shooter that has to be seen to be believed.

Space Pirate Trainer teaches you how to be a first person shooter so you can steal the goods from space truckers.

Tilt Brush, recently picked up by Google, lets you create 3D art. Bring out the virtual artist in you.

And, of course, where we would we all be without ‘Virtual Mini Golf’

Just for fun, an old Flash-based game called, ‘Fantastic Contraption’ is just plain silly fun.

‘Budget Cuts’ is a first person spy game that has a gun that is a teleportation device.

‘Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives’, turns you inot a robot in our robot future. Sound crazy, yup, it is. Funny and really silly. Want to listen to music, just eat a CD.

Rounding out the dozen is “Audioshield”. No video yet, but it kind of looks like guitar hero with spaceships.