Check this out! Charming 3D Cartoon Faces

Check this out! Charming 3D Cartoon Faces.. More of these can be found at jokewallpaper. Related Blogs Related Blogs on 3d cartoon The Smurfs | Movie | Pictures | Poster | Columbia Pictures | 3D … tutorial 2d 3d depth on flash cartoon animation | WELCOME01 Cartoon Car Wallpapers, 3D Cartoon Wallpaper, All Cartoon … […]

New Season of Championship Manager Kicks off with Its New 3D Match Engine

The Championship Manager last year was a success as the series made a decided effort to reclaim its Football Manager “glory days”. Though some of the features were improved, there were still black spots, making the aim for this year better; develop information flow and make user-friendly…and much more. The game now features vibrant info […]

PhotoDreamer Abstract 3D: Photocast Widget?

Developed by Bit Per Second, PhotoDreamer: Abstract 3D Widget and PhotoDreamer Artistics Nude are two great photocast widgets with endless  update of latest high quality photos and images. In five minutes you have up to ten new images in the slideshow.With the option to download the image, PhotoDreamer turns out to be the greatest way […]

Sharp PC-Z1 Supports 3D Graphics

Sharp PC-Z1 is going to launch a netbook-like device with  5-inch touch screen designed to run Internet-based applications. Sharp PC-Z1 is easy to carry just like mobile phones and gives users performance just like PC’s. Surely, people who always want their computers at hand will love this. As stated by the company, they are placing […]

3D Film Festival: Back For a “Reboot” at Pleasure Island

The Florida Film Festival is getting near. It is relocating  from the arts center in Kissimmee to the West Orange 5 in Ocoee. 3D Film Festival is back for a “reboot” at Pleasure Island. Lots of changes in the crowded film fest calendar for Central Florida this year*: Sept. 4-6 Central Florida Film Festival: Indie feature films, shorts […]

Feel Closer To Action with New Sony PSP Games

Sony PSP Game upate! More action for The Legend of Han Tao. The Evil Overlord must be stopped! Perform destructive combos, do maneuvers and fnatastic finisher moves on waves to protect the Star of Destiny. Have a great time on the game with a variety of modes like Endurance and Time Trial in addition to the […]

Mufin Player Pro Music Player with Interactive 3D

Mufin has released a freshly-baked music player that makes it into the digital era. It is Mufin Player Pro Music Player with Interactive 3D. It recognizes the sound of your music and has a visual navigation of music collection based on their sounds – making your music organized and enjoyable. Plus, it will enable you […]

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” And Her Mysterious Smile in 3D

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and her mysterious smile have inspired as much speculation as appreciation. “World Classic Interactive Arts Exhibition” was opened at Beijing last week bringing in again into the world 61 high-tech replicas of the 16th century artworks. These were crafted by a South Korean Gallery. Wang Hui, the event organizer said that […]

Which is More Realistic? AVATAR 3D or Christmas Carol 3D?

The most stunning movies of the decade is about to come this December. Its “Avatar” 3D and “A Christmas Carol” 3D. Have you ever watch movie trailers of these? Which is more realistic? James Cameron’s “Avatar” in 3D is the first film to incorporate live-action and CG animated characters interacting on a 3D plane of […]

Another Dimension to the Genre: Deer Hunter 3D

Hunting games hit you fancy? Glu contributes another dimension to the genre with Deer Hunter 3D, the most pragmatic simulation game on mobile. Deer Hunter game has line of hunting weapons. Deer Hunter 3D has Quick Game and Hunting Modes in which you can choose levels, difficulty setting and weapon. The game has good graphics […]

An Expert’s Impression on Samsung Omnia HD

Omnia HD: another innovative handset Samsung. Proud with its luminous 3.7” AMOLED display and 8 Megapixel camera with the capability to record videos in 720p resolution, a pioneer feature. Let’s take a look to an expert’s impression on Samsung Omnia HD. This is where the Omnia HD scores all its brownie points. The phone has […]

Samsung D900: One of the Slimmest Handset in the World Plus Samsung E900

Samsung, one of the leading and popular gadget providers have their own style and innovative technology. Now, it brings another world-class gadgets: Samsung D900, Samsung E900 mobile phones. These two has unbelievable slim and sleek looks and fantastic features. Samsung D900 measures only 13 mm which made it one of the slimmest handsets in the […]

The Ultimate 3D Software for Graphic Media Designers

Swift 3D 5.5 Full is the ultimate 3D software for graphic media designers. Swift 3D is the only 3D software to incorporate directly with Adobe Flash through its Importer and SmartLayer features. Through Swift 3D 5.5, anyone can create a 3D content “swiftly” while providing a complete set of tools. Truly, Swift 3D 5.5 is […]

Get Real 3D Image Printout

It is PhotoModeler; a software that can take multiple images of an image and reconstruct it in 3D. You can download the software’s whitepaper here and get real 3D Image Printout.

AVATAR Inspired UK

The UK’s 3D industry is still very much in its infancy but is growing up rapidly. The Americans, as always in film, are leading, but they see us getting involved in what they are doing.** British Film Makers are hooking up with their US counterparts since James Cameron’s Avatar made a hit. Avatar was filmed […]

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics – Tie-up, the leading entertainment and videogame info provider in the internet, together with Mitsubishi Digital Electronics had just announced its 3D-Ready Home Theater Promotion. ­­3D-market demand continues to grow, and this promo features 3D gaming and films competence. In line with this promotion is a sweepstakes enticing consumers a chance to bring home an all-in […]

Cool Cooliris 3D Wall

You should not miss this. Put some 3D-touch when browsing your photos and videos from the internet or your desktop. Cooliris 3D Wall makes your viewing experience fun and cool… Everybody’s downloading. Have it here. Related Blogs Related Blogs on cooliris features The new version of image search engine Cooliris « AltSearchEngines Cooliris 1.11 Cooliris […]

3D Football Game On Screen Next Year – Cineworld

Cineworld, UK’s second-largest cinema plans to do live 3D Football Game on screen next year. It will be an exciting one through those 3D glasses and loudspeakers with sounds of yelling fans. They are also looking into bringing boxing matches, too. No doubt those who love Online sports betting will find this an attractive option, […]

Watch USC at Ohio State Game in 3D

Today, ESPN will be announcing that USC at Ohio State football game will have a limited showing in 3D this September 12. USC at Ohio State game in 3D will be viewed at the Galen Center in Los Angeles and at ESPN Zone  at LA Live, at a theater in Columbus, Ohio; Hartford, Conn. (for […]

A Rich Visual Experience with JVC Full HD 3D LCD Monitor (GD-463D10)

A Full HD 3D LCD Monitor, GD-463D10, was instigated by JVC which promises a rich visual experience. It is 46-inch laarge and 38 milimeters thin. JVC Full HD 3D LCD Monitor has an exceptional high-end 3D visual engine to give a flicker-free and rich visual experince. It adopted the Xpol® polarizing filter process and battery-free […]