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AVATAR Inspired UK

The UK’s 3D industry is still very much in its infancy but is growing up rapidly. The Americans, as always in film, are leading, but they see us getting involved in what they are doing.**

British Film Makers are hooking up with their US counterparts since James Cameron’s Avatar made a hit.

Avatar was filmed with the freshly-innovated camera by James Cameron.

They are planning to utilize the publicity made by Avatar. Well, Avatar had been so popular and went very successful.  In fact, it will open opportunities for innovation for an elite group of 3D specialist British companies. Many are bearing to take advantage of the overwhelming response to Avatar. Axis is one of them that are making a promo 3D video for the US TV drama 24. The firm is expected to film a horror movie also in 2010.

“There is now money in the system and we will see things move forward on the back of Avatar. Once the public gets a real look at the film it will take off”, said Paul Carter, head camera man at Axis.

Avatar will be screened in UK by the end of 2009.Atlast, after 115 years from William Friese-Greene, here Avatar comes to UK.

Digital 3D cinema screens in UK will increase ten times than they are today, as said by UK Film Council.**

James Cameron's Avatar Showing this December 2009

Movie trailers of James Cameron’s Avatar had blown people away. And what about the movie itself??

**source: ixibo.com

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