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Binoculars Capable of capturing 3D images

Most people who adore watching birds would also love to have a gadget that can take pictures while enjoying the view of nature. Especially with some top cheap binoculars. Although these binoculars aren’t necessarily cheap!!

StereoVision has developed a pair of binoculars that come equipped with 3.2MP digital camera.

This binocular costs $1,999.25. This amazing binoculars is capable of capturing 3D images.

Once you have taken the images you can either view them on glasses-free 3D monitor, or with more traditional 3D displays.

The VuCAM monitors are available on the company’s website. It also boasts of 8X zoom, 256MB internal memory and will also accept compact flash type memory cards.

Binoculars Capable of capturing 3D images

source: Ohgizmo