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Blueshape Debuts Wi-Fi Embedded Granite Batteries & IATA Flight Case











Blueshape, my personal battery system of choice, has just debuted two great new products at NAB.

First, the Granite Battery Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring. GRANITE MINI batteries have a Wi-Fi module embedded that transmits battery data in real time.
An operator or a camera assistant, can easily monitor the state of batteries in close proximity, without having to physically press the button to check on the actual battery. Through a dedicated App (available for iOS and Android), it is possible to monitor the batteries within a workable range of ~20m (65’).

This great for Rental houses. Unique in the industry, BLUESHAPE GRANITE MINI batteries offer to the rental houses the possibility to manage the leasing period of the batteries.
Through a dedicated portal, each individual battery can be programmed for a rental period. When this period expires, the battery is locked and cannot be used anymore until the rental period is extended or reset. The user is always informed through the App about the residual rental time.
Any owner can set the battery to “brick mode” to prevent use of the battery if it is stolen and can re-activate the battery when needed.

Plus, the Double D-Tap with charging enabled. 2 D-Tap power outlets are available on the battery sides to power additional devices up to ~80W. One of the two outlets is electronically and independently protected against short and overload so as not to compromise the battery’s main supply. The other is directly connected to the battery output and allows emergency charging by means of commonly available D-Tap AC/DC chargers.

An added bonus is that they are available as V-Lock Mounts or 3-Stud mount.











With all the traveling that I do, this new IATA Approved Battery Flight Case is definitely on my wishlist. Here the info from Blueshape on these beauties.

BLUESHAPE offers an innovative solution for greater convenience and safety when travelling or shipping lithium-ion batteries greater than 100Wh by air.
Current IATA regulations for passengers limit batteries to 2 between 100-160Wh and any reasonable number below 100Wh. Any larger batteries or a higher quantity must be shipped with special packaging and markings and under many circumstances cannot be shipped on passenger aircraft.
IATA Regulation, Packing Instructions 965 Section 1A recently amended, states that only cargo flight can accept packages containing Li-ion batteries approved under UN3480 designation. Nowadays this is the only possible way to ship batteries larger than 100Wh by air. The stringent shipping procedures impose the usage of special UN approved packaging.
BLUESHAPE, in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of professional cases, has created a dedicated solution for the best-selling BLUESHAPE models BV100HD, BV150, BV180, BV190HD, BV225 and BV270HD, including the larger SPLASH series batteries. These cases have been certified in accordance with UN regulations and have a unique omologation number from an international body, thus guaranteeing the user, more peace of mind for transporting batteries by air.

Every case model has an impact-resistant outer case. The interior has high-density cushioning foam to eliminate and chance of interior contact. Each battery is segregated in individual compartments. When a BLUESHAPE battery is shipped in this case with the provided contact covers in place, the chance of damage during flight is reduced to zero.
The number of batteries allowed in each case is specifically calculated to comply with the UN3480 regulations. The smaller batteries have a maximum net amount of 0.72 kilograms of cells in each battery, giving the 5 batteries in the BX2 a total of 3.6 Kg. The larger batteries have a maximum of 1.08 kilograms of cells in each battery, giving the 4 batteries in the BX1 a total net amount of 4.32 Kg.
The BLUESHAPE unique omologation number is printed on the cases, and they are marked with the UN3480 deisgnation, the required CLASS 9 and CAO placard and further have a space for the shipping label, that has to clearly indicate the shipper and consignee (spare markings are provided with each box).

BX1 is designed to carry up to four units of the larger models: BV225, BV190HD, BV270HD, BV190HD SPLASH and BV270HD SPLASH

BX2 is designed to carry up to five units of the the smaller models: the BV100HD, the BV150 and the BV180.

For more info go to Blueshapeusa.com