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Boris Fires Up New BCC 10










I remember the very first BCC. Yes, I am dating myself, but I was a toddler when I started using it. (Stop snickering) Boris has come a long way since then and this latest release shows that in grand fashion. When Ross Shain contacted me about doing a review, I leapt at the chance. In fact, I just received it today and installed it immediately. My next step was to put some of the fantastic tools to work “post” haste (pardon the pun) on my newest series, “The Weekend Warrior”. The first two features that I used included the Beauty Studio and Remover.  Smooth and accurate and a wonder to behold they integrated into so well that you can’t tell that I used them. That, my friends, is exactly what makes Boris so great. The tools work so well that if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know.

I can’t wait to write up the hands on review on the rest of the fab features.

BCC10-TItle Studio









Here is a list of what you will get in the package.

What’s New in BCC 10 for Adobe (Summary of major changes since BCC9):

  • mocha planar tracking integrated directly into the PixelChooser.
  • 8 new effects:
    • Beauty Studio
    • Dropout Fixer
    • Fast Lens Blur
    • Light Leaks
    • Reframer
    • Remover
    • Title Studio
    • Video Glitch
  • 5 new transitions:
    • Cross Glitch
    • Cross Melt
    • Cross Zoom
    • Lens Blur Dissolve
    • Light Leaks Dissolve
  • PixelChooser re-engineered for streamlined UI, enhanced shape masking, and robust color keying (in addition to mocha spline tracking).
  • Greater use of OpenCL and OpenGL for GPU acceleration in filters such as Beauty Studio, Title Studio, Fast Lens Blur, Lens Blur Dissolve, and many more.
  • New OpenCL rendering engine for enhanced performance and robustness in OpenCL accelerated filters.
  • FX Browser™ support in 3D Objects family of effects.
  • Change text fields directly from FX Browser™ in 3D objects filters.
  • Fast Film Glow:
    • Render quality improvements – particularly on alpha clips.
    • Additional standard features such as Compare Mode, PixelChooser with mocha, and Beat Reactor.
  • Fast Film Process:
    • Improved OpenCL rendering.
    • Additional standard features such as Compare Mode and PixelChooser with mocha.
  • Witness Protection now includes the PixelChooser with mocha to allow tracking/obscuring multiple simultaneous regions in a single effect instance.
  • New textures added to BCC Grunge.
  • Advanced Optical Flow option in BCC Motion Blur.
  • Added View Current Matte feature to Chroma Key Studio.
  • New presets for many key filters such as Fast Film Process, Fast Film Glow, Grunge, Glare, Glint, and Glitter.
  • Streamlined effect categories with deprecated filters moved to Obsolete category.
  • Numerous bug fixes.


BCC AE/Premiere 10 supports the following Adobe host applications:

Mac OSX 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11:

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015

Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64:

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015