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Bug Found in Panasonic GH4 Makes V-LOG Free

V-LOG_01 V-LOG_02









This was found by a Chinese member of EOSHD forum, who reported that they found it while “wandering around a Chinese Filmmaking forum”. No this is not  a photographic hack group of Chinese hackers. You don’t have to do and coding or install anything extra. You could say this is just a monumental screw up or perhaps some might say bad karma for charging for something that was originally stated was going to be free. Either way the word is spreading like wildfire on the web.

In case you’re late to the party and don’t know what V-LOG is, here is the scoop. V-LOG adds Wide Dynamic Range of up to 12 Stops (about 2 stops more than existing GH4 gamma profiles), Improved Color Matching with Varicam Similar Characteristics to Cineon Same LUT and Curve as Standard V-Log

Just download and install V-LOG on your GH-4 as you probably already have and the rest is simple.

Then connect your Panasonic App, go to Live Control, Quick Menu, Photo Style and low and behold there it is in the choices for Photo Style. You can choose V-LOG from the profile list and shoot away. It will stay in that mode unless you turn the camera off. Then you have to do it all over again. Of course, you could save the profile in one of the Custom Profiles.

Undoubtedly, Panasonic will come up with a fix post haste for the App and then it will be gone. Unless they decide to change their mind and give everyone back the money they spent and give V-LOG away for FREE…

Well, I cn dream, can’t I?