Cameras Go Airborne, 3D and Sideways

The AEE SD30 3D Magicam

The AEE SD30 3D Magicam

Filmmakers! This news is just exciting! Have you heard about these cameras which will allow you to shot the film of your dreams for just a couple hundred of bucks?


First off is the SD30 3D Magicam. A China-based company, AEE Technology,didn’t wait building the SD30 3D Magical Camcorder. This full HD 3D action cam uses dual 120-degree wide-angle lenses to capture the 3D effect. Flip the camera over to the other side, and there’s a 2.4-inch (6-cm) LCD screen that provides a real-time look at what you’re filming. Other features include image stabilization, a waterproof case (60 m/197 feet), auto-recording when accelerating, built-in microphone, and 10 x digital zoom.


The SD30 3D launched recently in some international markets for the equivalent of around US$500.


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Source: Gizmag.com



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