Canon Goes Dark With New Prototype Camera

Canon has gone into a very dark place with it new prototype ISO 300,000 camera and what it came out with is truly amazing. Watching the video above shows you some insane footage of a camera that can see more than most of us can see in the dark. This fantastic full frame 35mm sensor just may be the breakthrough of a lifetime.

They took the camera into the “Blue Milky Way” of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand and snapped some spectacular long-exposure shots.

This isn’t the ME20F-Sh camera debuted back in July 2015. That camera had a mind boggling ISO of 4.5 MILLION and can shoot Full HD (what! No 4K?) video with less than 0.0005 lux. Of course, that ME20F-SH camera can be had for only $30,000. No announcement about this tech’s availability.


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