Oculus Rift Getting Closer

                This just arrived to developers. That means the Oculus Rift, in finished form, will be close behind to consumers.   Rift SDK 1.0 Shipping to Developers with Final Rift Hardware Rift SDK 1.0 is shipping this week to developers with early builds of final Rift hardware.   […]

Merry Christmas Everybody

TRAIN – “Merry Christmas Everybody” from Manhattan Place Entertainment on Vimeo. To all of our friends, If you want to get a jolt of the holiday spirit, check out Train’s latest hit song “Merry Christmas Everybody”. https://vimeo.com/149329659 The Grammy Award winning band debuted the song on network television with this featured performance that first aired […]

System Converts Stereoscopic 3D Video Content to Autostereoscopic

                  Disney Research and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have developed a system that can transform stereoscopic content into multi-view content in real-time. The existing 3D stereoscopic content, which simultaneously projects several views of a scene, will not work in commercially available ‘glasses-less’ 3D displays […]

J.J.Abrams Big Fan of Phantasm

                  J.J. Abrams is a big fan of Don Coscarelli‘s horror cult classic Phantasm. He’s such a big fan of it, in fact, that he even pays tribute to it in Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Phasma, the “Chrome Trooper” played by Gwendoline Christie, is named after the 1979 movie. And […]

Have You Registered Your Drone? Up To $27K Fine If Not

                  Have you registered your drone? The National Drone Registry opened for business today. Beginning Monday, the FAA requires owners of UAV’s to register. The maximum penalty is pretty stiff, up to $27,500 with criminal penalties resulting in $250,000 or three years in prison. “Whether the FAA […]

SpaceX Lands New Milestone With Falcon-9

It’s hard to say whether the sound of the rockets landing the craft or the jubilant audience watching were louder as the Falcon-9 landed upright. The first unmanned rocket to land upright after launching 11 satellites into orbit. SpaceX, the private space exploration company headed up by Elon Musk, successfully landed the first stage of […]

3D Video Games May Help Your Memory

Video games in general are a popular part of the technology world with millions of players world wide. It’s not only a hobby, but a social aspect of these people’s lives, whether it’s meeting people from other countries and coming together to play, or even just reading each other’s blogs, like this summoners war runes […]

Variety Reports Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks Paris Records

                PARIS– “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has broken all-time record in Paris and its suburbs, where it sold 605 502 admissions (approximately $4.8 million) through Sunday, beating by an inch Dany Boon’s homegrown comedy “Welcome to the Cht’is.” “Star Wars” punched one of the highest-grossing weekends of […]

JetJat Jumps To The Skies

                Forget the camera, JetJat is all about flying fun. Small is the key word here. In fact, so small it fits on one finger, about the size of a paperclip. When Mota contacted me about doing a review, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.       […]

3D Print Your Own Star Wars Droids

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens upon us, droid fans everywhere will want their very own droid. Well, now you can have it and do it yourself. That is, if you have a 3D printer.                 This is it, everybody. We’ve entered the final countdown to Star Wars: […]

StereoD Scores Three Star Wars Movies

                StereoD’s President William Sherak announced, “As a company of artists and technicians who all embrace their inner Jedi, we are thrilled and honored to be part of the Star Wars franchise,” said Stereo D President William Sherak in a prepared statement. “As a life-long fan, this represents the ultimate […]

He Said He’d Be Back, T2 in 3D

For some of us this is even better than Judgement Day being averted. A modern Sci-Fi Classic, Terminator 2 is coming back to us in glorious 3D. I just can’t believe that we had to wait so long. Perhaps it’s for the best. The art of 3D conversion has been growing in leaps and bounds […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Where to Watch

                  With Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters, the question of where to go see it becomes of colossal importance. You want only the best theater to savor the experience. I found this story on Wired website and wanted to share. THE WAIT FOR Star Wars […]

February 19 Brings New Drone Registration Into Play

                The FAA announced yesterday that all unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds but more than 0.55 pounds (250g) on takeoff must be registered with the FAA before they can be flown outdoors in the U.S. Registration takes place beginning December 21 at the FAA website. For reference, […]

Boris Fires Up New BCC 10

                I remember the very first BCC. Yes, I am dating myself, but I was a toddler when I started using it. (Stop snickering) Boris has come a long way since then and this latest release shows that in grand fashion. When Ross Shain contacted me about doing […]

Crytek Presents a VR Adventure

The VR experience has barely started but Crytek, a VR game maker from Germany, has gotten out in front big time with this amazing new first person adventure called “The Climb”. For those who would like to rock climb but for one reason or another can’t, this game fills the void. Oculus Head of Worldwide […]

Direct TV Is Selling Us 4K Horse-Poop

                According to the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, DirecTV is running a dishonest ad. The controversial ad featuring supermodel Hannah Davis walking along a beach with a horse talking about how 4K is so amazing. The problem is that, according to the National […]

Red Scarlet-W Shows Off New Line Up

              RED is on a roll. First with the new RED RAVEN and now with newer than new SCARLET-W. They are now covering every market segment from medium  to ultra high. The Scarlet-W also features the amazing upgradability factor that has been built into every camera that they have produced. […]

Sorry Chris Pratt, Only One Indiana Jones

                  As I read this post by Michael Rosser on Screen Daily, my heart jumped for joy. Steven Speilberg, Indie’s creator, Has stated that he intends to make a fifth Indiana Jones and that Harrison Ford is the only choice. EXCLUSIVE: Director also talks about his enduring […]

Red Giant Amazes With Trapcode 13

Trapcode 13 has exploded onto the scene giving you the ability to generate state of the art VFX and motion graphics. Designed to compliment your workflow in After Effects, Trapcode 13 realizes product updates to Trapcode Particular, Shine and Mir. Plus in this release Red Giant has introduced Trapcode Tao. This amazing new plugin generates […]