The Coolest Remote for your HTPC, 50% Off the Price!

Although this item is not strictly 3D, it is a fantastic accessory for your 3D home theater system or any home theater system. Back at the 2008 CES Show, I reviewed what I consider to be the “Coolest Remote” in the world. This remote is much more than a mouse. It’s a total control system […]

The Great 3D Race Has Begun

Samsung has jumped ahead by launching 3D HD TV’s in South Korea. As of the 25th February you can buy a Samsung 3D HD TV. Furthermore, Samsung has inked an exclusive 3D content deal with DreamWorks. At CES 2010 Monsters Vs Aliens was shown as the world’s first 3D Blu-ray disc. The disc will only […]

3D Without the Dizziness with Samsung’s 30-inch AMOLED TV

Samsung’s AMOLED 3D TV prototype was one of the attractions at the  FPD 2009.Its panel is just 2.5-mm thick and has a million-to-1 contrast. Samsung said that its latest shutter-glasses technology reduces the dizziness often associated with 3D. No announcement was made yet when the product be available to the market. Source: Gizmodo

FinePix REAL 3D Now out in US

The much-awaited FinePix REAL 3D system is now available in the United States. Early this year, Fujifilm announced this 3D technology system that captures realistic 3D images and movies that can be enjoyed without the need of glasses. Go Miyazaki, division president, Electronic Imaging Division, Fujifilm U.S.A., Inc. stated, “The FinePix REAL 3D system is […]

Nvidia: web 3D everywhere thru Cloud 3D

Nvidia is at work on upgrading 3D images viewing on the net. They are in attempts on using Cloud 3D, a new cloud computing model. With Cloud 3D, Nvidia is hoping to take the cloud model to 3D rendering, rapidly speeding up the time it takes to bring photo-realistic images to end users. It’s not […]

BlackBerry 3D viewer: Now Available

BlackBerry Storm2 3D handset viewer is now available to play with already. The BlackBerry Storm2 will arrive in the UK on October 26th, bearing 3G, WiFi and a new touchscreen system. Source: slashgear Related Blogs Related Blogs on 3d flawed:LOGIC » Blog Archive » VideoTrace – 3D modelling using real … 3D landscape in HTML5 canvas […]

Sony 360-degree 3D Display

Sony will reveal its prototype 3D display that can be seen through 360 degrees without the need to wear special glasses. The display will be introduced later this week at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo. The display is cylindrical so it can be viewed from all sides and is 13 centimeters in diameter. All […]

ViewSonic 3D Monitor Review

ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm features a higher image quality in terms of color accuracy and response time. This parameter is important for 3D monitors because it determines how much and in what scenes the doubling of the image in stereo mode is going to be conspicuous. Images look truly three-dimensional and look very realistic. There are […]

The Characters: How to Train Your Dragon

Here comes the first real sniff at the human characters of Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon 3D. Get a good look at them. Also note that the book promises “Cool 3D images” and a “3D movie viewer”, which sound intriguing. source: slashfilm. Related Blogs Related Blogs on 3d flawed:LOGIC » Blog Archive » VideoTrace […]

Bentley 3D Printing Support in MicroStation V8i

” Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, at this invitation-only gathering of top users from around the globe, announced the October 2009 availability of MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 1). This newest version of MicroStation features innovative and flexible value-creative enhancements for infrastructure professionals highlighted […]

Hitachi’s 10-inch 3D Display Showcased at CEATEC 2009

Hitachi showcased its 10-inch “Full Parallax 3D TV” at CEATEC 2009. As mentioned on our previous blogposts, Hitachi’s Full Parallax 3D TV does not require special glasses and can be watched from any direction. It also has  a resolution of 3D image as high as VGA (640 x 480 pixels), according to the company. Hitachi’s […]

Todd-AO Launch First 3-D Sound Mixing Facility

Todd-AO has become the first sound facility in the United States to acquire the ability to mix feature films in its revolutionary “3-D sound” format, IOSONO announced. It has now facilities allowing mixers to create three-dimensional film soundtracks. Initially targeted at stereoscopic 3D movies and theme park attractions marks a clear break with movie sound […]

Hitachi Full Parallax 3D TV

At CEATEC held last October 6 – 10, 2009, Hitachi has introduced an interesting 3D display prototype. It is a 10-inch VGA resolution 3D display does not require glasses and uses 16 projectors to create the 3D effect. This technology, “Full Parallax 3D TV”, uses the method of Integral Photography with Overlaid Projection to achieve […]

Megaframe on 3D Camera Technology

European researchers have created a world-leading camera in CMOS that can record photons at a million times a second. Best of all, it will be really cheap to manufacture, offering applications in consumer products, entertainment and in-car safety systems. The Megaframe project created a high-speed camera that can detect 1024 photons at one million frames […]’s Videos on Samsung’s 3D HDTV

“Samsung has added’s Video On Demand library to its Series 650 and Series 7000 HDTVs. Viewers with a broadband connection will be able download content from Amazon’s extensive library of 50,000 movies and TV shows onto their TV sets to view. Samsung has also been showing off a 55-inch 3D 240Hz LCD HDTV prototype […]

Zheng Jun Launches Tibetan Rock Dog 3D

Zheng Jun, a rock musician, is ready to launch a 3D animation project of the cartoon dog, “Tibetan Rock Dog”. Zheng Jun revealed, “The film will present a different rock dog adventure than the original story of the cartoon by adding a host of fresh elements to both the characters and storyline.” The cartoon book […]

Sniff 3D Animated Dog

Sniff is a 3D animated dog projected on a shop window in New York. He’s just a computer-generated rendering, he reacts to your gestures, follows you around, and presented with a group, chooses favorites. Sniff 3D animated dog is Karolina Sobecka and Jim George’s art project. They put small infrared lights and infrared cameras in front […]

RealD Join S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA)

Stereoscopic 3D is the same technology used in modern 3D movie theatres, also earning similar interest in the gaming space. To maximize this opportunity, The S-3D Gaming Alliance was announced at SIGGRAPH 2009, and has been acquiring drive ever since. “Leading game developers have already shown that S-3D gaming is equally possible on XBOX, PS3, […]

National Geographic’s Blue Man Group: Mind Blast Ready for IMAX® 3D

National Geographic Entertainment proclaimed the attainment of worldwide rights to the film “Blue Man Group: Mind Blast” for distribution to giant-screen, digital and IMAX® 3D and 2D theaters. The 3D live-action comedy, slated for release in Spring 2011, will feature an original screenplay and score and will star the group’s original cast members. “Blue Man […]