Technica Shows off New 3D Camera Rigs

Element Technica has brought in the new Technica 3D series, a collection of three new camera rigs designed to bring a new level of precision, speed and simplification to stereoscopic 3D motion picture production. Technica 3D camera rigs provides3D systems that are lighter and more cost-effective to bring 3D acquisition down to the simplicity of […]

3DGuy: New Acer 5738DG 3D Notebook

3DGuy, Al Caudullo, already had a chance for some hands-on time with the Acer Aspire 5738DG at the 3D Entertainment Summit held in Los Angeles, California last September 2009. Acer launched new Windows 7 hardware this week. Acer announced amongst other hardware the Acer Aspire 5738PG. Acer 5738DG is actually a 3D notebook. Acer’s new 3D technology called […]

3D Gamer Referral Program Launched by iZ3D

iZ3D Inc., pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, has launched a new “Referral Program” for all fans of 3D gaming. For all patrons that have seen the iZ3D monitor and want to recommend it to their friends, iZ3D would like to reward them with a commission on the sale. The customer buying the monitor […]

3D Display Capabilities for Handheld Displays with 3D Optical Film

3M’s Optical Systems Division today announced that 3M has developed a new, field sequential 3D optical film for handheld devices—enabling true auto stereoscopic 3D viewing on mobile phones, gaming and other handheld devices without the need for glasses. Jim Bauman, vice president of 3M’s Optical Systems Division, said, “Mobile device capabilities have been significantly enhanced […]

Star Trek 2 and Mission Impossible 4 Going 3D

J.J. Abrams of Star Trek on a recent press con announced things about Star Trek 2 and Mission: Impossible 4 and Fringe. There were the requisite Star Trek 2 questions, and he also talks a bit about Mission: Impossible 4 and Fringe. Abrams was unsurprisingly coy about details on his Star Trek sequel. There wasn’t […]

Samsung Full HD 3D LCD Panel

Samsung will showcase their latest 55-inch Full HD 3D LCD panel at the upcoming IMID expo in South Korea. This newly developed 3D LCD panel provides a 240Hz refresh rate that allows the content to seem more natural, vibrant and create no ghosting as compared to lower 120Hz 3D TVs. Price information are not available […]

The All New Bing Map 3D

Once Virtual Earth, now called Bing Map, is Microsoft’s answer to Google Maps. The maps service is directly available on the Bing homepage and offers a 2D mode by default. This mode can be used to zoom in and out of locations in the world or get directions from one place to another Bing Maps […]

Low-cost 3D Joystick for Mobile Phones

KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications company, introduced a low-cost 3D joystick for mobile phones at CEATEC 2009 held in Makuhari Messe Japan. The 3D joystick is consists of software on the phone and a piece of hardware, resembling a spring, mounted over a handset’s camera. The spring attaches to the phone’s camera with a magnet and […]

BenQ’s 3D Projectors

BenQ’s has launched the MP776ST and MP772ST projectors which are capable of displaying images and videos in 3D. MP776ST and MP772ST projectors are ideal for schools as they can provide more accurate 3D. Users are required to wear stereoscopic glasses to see the 3D effect definitely. Its distinction from the traditional 3D projector system is […]

Sony Vaio L All-In-One PC with 3D and HD Video Decoding

The hottest Sony All-In-One PC is about to thump the market. The Vaio L also comes outfitted with Sony’s custom touch portal known as Media Gallery which allows users to edit photos and videos using the desktops touchscreen. The units will also start with a basic setup that features a 24″ full HD display with […]

Meet on Meepe 3D Chat Community

Heard about Meepe? A social networking site is here again to make you meet new friends. Meepe is a mishmash of 3D, Voice, Webcam and all latest cool things that is possible in the next generation online applications. As of October 12, 2009, Meepe has 13,420 members who enjoy 3D Chat and all. Not like […]

3D TV Menu Systems Complicated?

Despite of the 3D technology in place, be it color filter glasses, shuttered glasses, polarized glasses or no glasses, users aren’t going to want to either remove their glasses or otherwise switch back to a two-dimensional experience just to change the channel, and simply laying a 2D menu over a 3D broadcast doesn’t cut the mustard. […]

Pixar’s Up 3D: The Funniest Adventures of All Time

The funniest adventure of all time is here, WALT Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios Up in 3D. Up in 3D follows the uplifting tale of 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who finally fulfills his life-long dream of a fabulous adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the […]

Sony’s Monocular 3D Camcorder

Sony Corp showcased a monocular 3D video camera for business use, which the company announced October 1, 2009, and showed a 3D movie shot by the camera at CEATEC JAPAN 2009 held in Makuhari Messe, Japan. Sony said, “This time, we announced just the technology. But we will encourage the image industry to adopt the […]

TITAN 3D Projector Wins Best New Product Award at CEDIA 2009

Digital Projection International (DPI) was recently awarded with a Best New Product award in the CEDIA 2009 Manufacturers’ Excellence ceremony and also received prominent mentions on the show. DPI’s TITAN 1080p Dual 3D, the most efficient Active-3D enabled projector in its class, was the only projector to win an award this year. Each year CEDIA […]

HumanEyes LensFree Lightbox System breakthrough in 3D display

HumanEyes has aided a major breakthrough in 3D display. HumanEyes producers can provide commercial-quality 3D from any high resolution inkjet printer, digital press, photographic printer or offset press, without the need for expensive lenticular lenses. It’s HumanEyes’ LensFree Lightbox. It provides a patented automatic registration system with a patented lenticular “screen” integrated into any lightbox. […]

Make Photos or Videos with 3D Effects – PhotoSketch

Make photos or videos livelier with the help of 3D effects. Brainstorm Technology has developed software called ‘PhotoSketch’ which will curtail the thirst of the people who want to make graphics livelier. PhotoSketch is outfitted with the pooled benefits of Photogrammetry and Google Sketchup that has got huge amount of data that Google Earth or […]

Fujifilm: 3D Images & Films without 3D Glasses

Fujifilm India launched nine new digital camera models in India. The range includes extremely latest 3D digital and slim cameras. Fujifilm India Managing Director Kenichi Tanka said, “Fujifilm has introduced new imaging technology — ‘FinePix Real 3D system’. It is the world’s first 3D digital imaging system that lets the user enjoy 3D images and movies without wearing special 3D glasses.” “In accordance […]

Stereoscopic Player with iZ3D Viewing Method and More

Stereoscopic Player – Multi-player to view the stereo movies and DVD. The program allows you to play stereoscopic videos and DVD movies, and also lets you view video in real time with the capture devices. Since this player is based on DirectShow, it can handle almost any media formats, including AVI, MPEG, WMV and ASF. […]