Postman Pat Goes 3D

Postman Pat is going to be filmed in 3D! Pat discovers he has an astounding singing voice and then goes through a Susan Boyle-style transformation from rural postman to national hero. He finds triumph on the show, which is very much like Britain’s Got Talent, and is required to choose between his life in Greendale […]

James Cameron’s Avatar Novel in the Making

Avatar is already a movie and a video game, and a novel next? James Cameron is already at work on an Avatar novel, translating his 3D world and his blue aliens into black and white. They are apparently in talks with numerous publishing companies over the rights to release the novel to try to capitalize […]

3D TVs Dominate CEATEC Japan 2009

Panasonic’s CEATEC booth showcased the first 50” plasma panel fully-compatible with the upcoming 3D Blu-ray standard. It can deliver 1080p resolution to each eye. The prototype utilizes new phosphor technology for ‘real deep black and unsaturated brightness,’ and employ proprietary 3D drive technology circuitry to minimize crosstalk between alternating images. While Panasonic wouldn’t be drawn […]

Pixar making 15 year old movies 3D

Pixar is going back and making 15 year old movies 3D…. Evidently Pixar has always thought about how its movies would look in 3D and decided to go back and make it happen with the first two Toy Story movies. The timing is due to the fact that Toy Story 3 is right around the […]

3M’s New Ideas for Mobile 3D

What 3M has done is use a new optical film which is mounted within the mobile’s backlighting unit. There it will use two distinct rows of LED lights which will project left and right images into our eyes. That means we don’t need glasses to enjoy 3D images on our future smartphones. And if we […]

Windows XP Turbo 3D SP3 2010

Enter the exciting world with the exclusive technology (Future 3D Effect Technology). It’s Windows XP-Turbo™ 3D SP3 2010. It is stable, Fast, Safe, Strong, Charming 3D appearance in the icons, wallpapers, themes and the movement of windows. Windows XP-Turbo™ 3D SP3 2010 comes with a powerful collection of the most important full programs (optional install). All this and […]

Toho Cinemas Hikes Price for 3D Films

Toho Cinemas in Tokyo is adding a 300 yen charge (approx US$3.34) to all 3D movies, bringing the ticket price up to 2,100 yen ($23.40). That’s close to $50 for two people. Ouch! The 3D surcharge begins on Oct. 17. Compare that with 3D’s $6.50 per ticket (220 baht) here in Bangkok on equally technologically […]

Smaller Footprint Chipsets with 3D Video Support CEATEC 2009

SiBeam introduced its second generation 60GHz chipsets based on the WirelessHD® specification at CEATEC JapanThis latest achievement keeps the company in the industry lead as the only option for high quality lossless 1080p Full HD video in the world. Major technical breakthroughs in the new chipsets also serve to boost and simplify CE manufacturer accessibility […]

Toshiba 3D Cell Regza Next

Toshiba showcased its Cell platform powered Regza TV at CEATCEC 2009 held in Japan but on the showfloor, Toshiba is enticed attendees with the 3D Cell Regza Next concept. 3D video along with Cell processor inside are obviously a plus but the integration of motion-controlled user interface makes it more appealing. Toshiba’s hand motion interface is limited in […]

3D entertainment: No one’s Willing To Spend Much More

“OK, some people are willing to pay more for 3D entertainment, but they aren’t willing to spend much more. According to a recent survey by In-Stat, only 43% of respondents who were interested in owning a 3D television to begin with (meaning, a fraction of the real population to begin with) were willing to spend […]

Panasonic 3D Technology Still Impressive

“We had the chance to enjoy the first demo of Panasonic’s 3D video technology a few months ago, but we could not resist giving it another try… And while I admit that Toshiba 3D Cell Regza was impressive, Panasonic 3D Technology seems slightly better on their 103” LCD. But the real surprise comes from several […]

ACK and Fable Farm Announced Suppandi 3D

ACK Media, owner of Amar Chitra Katha comics, has acquired a 50% stake in Mumbai based Fable Farm Studios for an undisclosed amount. The studio’s founder Vfx veteran Biju D will retain ownership of the rest of the company. Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Biju D said, “We are currently developing several story ideas and experimenting […]

Windows Mobile with New 3D Effects

SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile is now with new 3D effects, and also added support for gravity sensors. It’s very popular alternate user interface for smartphones using Microsoft’s mobile operating system. It also makes this device much more customizable. Version 3.5 can make use of 3D hardware accelerators, bringing new capabilities. For example, browsing email and text messages now […]

Technicolor 3D Created a Film Based 3D Solution

With the continuous release of 3D movies, the format has run into a problem from their success – not enough screens.  The present trend of 3D being presented requires different technologies for theaters. The worldwide economy slow down and its impact on the credit markets greatly impacted the theaters that wanted to convert to Digital […]

3D Cinema Screen Opens in Qatar At last!

People in Doha can now enjoy watching new movies in 3D. A 3D Cinema was opened last October 1, 2009 in City Center Mall. Nobody believed it at first until they saw it posted on the cinema, Final destination in 3D. Movie goers have the options to either watch movies in 2d or in 3D. […]

ASUS EeeBox Handles HD and 3D Graphics

Looking for low cost computer to attach to a HDTV for use with browsing the web or even streaming some online video? ASUS EeeBox EB1006 is certainly the answer! The system benefits greatly over traditional nettops because it includes a dedicate graphics processor by ATI that allows this system to handle higher definition video streams […]

Hubble 3D may be the last of the breed

“Hubble 3D” is shaping up as a fitting sendoff for the world’s best-known telescope as well as the most complicated flying machine ever built. Atlantis’ trip to the Hubble Space Telescope in May may have marked not only the last time that astronauts put their hands on the crown jewels of NASA’s astronomical assets, but also […]

Sony’s Latest Single Lens 3D Camera

The Explore Media Group team is very excited to have this groundbreaking opportunity as we are at the CEATEC Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan where Sony will unveil their first ever professional single lens 3D camera. We are in touch with the Sony crew and will be bringing you a video interview from CEATEC on this […]