Is It Nik-Sam or Sam-Kon? Or Not At All

                First, Samsung said nothing, but withdrew the NX Camera line from Europe. Then they added the UK and Canada, but not the US. The rumor mongers went in speculation overdrive. How could Samsung after only a few short years be pulling a struggling but highly rated mirrorless […]

Atomos Shogun Time-Lapse Sunset

                  Shot in Bagan, Myanmar this spectacular sunset illustrates the power of the Atomos Shogun’s newest feature, Time-Lapse. This features not only produces amazing results but also is a huge cost saver. Shooting time-lapse is a huge drain on your camera shutter. The shutter only has so […]

Kickboxer Vengeance Already Getting a Sequel

                  Post Production is not even complete yet on the new Kickboxer Vengeance, but Headmon Entertainment and Acme Rocket Fuel, the companies behind the shoot, have announced that funding is in place for a sequel. The name of the next movie will be called Kickboxer 2: Retaliation.  Alain […]

HitFilm Pro 4 Hits Hard And Delivers

                FXHome has continued it’2 breaching of the “Adobe” Fortress with the release of HitFilmPro 4. This release firmly plants it’s flag for any of you out there who want freedom from the monthly assault of Adobe Creative Cloud fees!!! They have added some fantastic new features and […]

Hit Film Pro 4 Debuts Big

pHitFilmPro has been one of my favorite NLE Editor and Effects software. It is the best alternative to fabled After Effects and far easier to master. It has spurred creativity for countless content creators. Now they have upped thier game with the next generation HitFilmPro 4. I will be doing a full review soon, but […]

JVC 4K Cams Move Up To JVC Log

                  JVC has joined the “Log” crowd, introducing the JVC Log for the GY-LS300 4KCAM Super 35 handheld camera. With JVC Log the camera boasts expands dynamic range by 800 percent with film-like latitude, as well as Cinema 4K (4096×2180) and Cinema 2K (2048×1080) recording modes for digital cinema […]

JVC Adds new Features & Incentives to 4K Camera

                JVC has stepped up it’s game promoting their 4K Camera by offering new upgrade features. JVC upgrades its 4KCAM Super 35 Camcorder. The GY-LS300 was upgraded to version 2.0 which now offers J-log gamma, Prime Zoom, Cinema 2K/4K and numerous other enhancements. Check out a video summary […]

Kickboxer Vengeance Stars Shine in Version 2.0

                  Cast as version 2.0 of the original Kickboxer film that catapulted Jean-Claude Van Damme to international stardom, the remake Kickboxer Vengeance brings the Muscles From Brussels back to his roots. Directed by John Stockwell and screenplay scripted by Dimitri Logothetis and Jim McGrath, Kickboxer Vengeance stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as the […]

DJI Inspire 1 Pro-Is it the Ultimate Pro Video Drone

                The Drone wars have reached new heights with the DJI Inspire 1 Pro. With the introduction of the micro four-thirds camera mounted on to the Zenmuse gimbal, the game has unquestionably changed. The guys over at Peta Pixel Have done an excellent story about the new aircraft wonder. […]

Radiant Images Intros VRLive

Mobius POV Virtual Reality Rig & Workflow from Radiant Images on Vimeo. VR Live is a unique live-streaming technology offering a 360-degree video stream, distributed to any smart phone, anywhere in the world, viewable as a 360-degree scrollable live-video or experienced with a virtual reality head-mounted display. VR Live gives live-presence a new meaning – […]

SmartSound Introduces Web Search Process

                I have been a loyal user of SmartSound since it’s inception. They have steadily improved the system, making it easy for all of of musically challenged editors to get just the right track for our productions. Now they have just introduced a smarter more flexible search engine […] Raises $2.2M from Accel Partners, Jared Leto & More

                Frame IO has announced a huge coup, raising $2.2 Million from Acel Partners. Frame IO is our favorite collaboration tool. Upload your video project and instantly be able to collaborate with team members or clients. It is truly a fantastic tool. Below is the official announcement.     […]

IK Multimedia introduces iRig Keys USB

IK Multimedia introduces iRig Keys USB – the ultra-affordable MIDI keyboard controllers for Mac/PC Now Mac and PC musicians have an affordable and full-featured solution for creating music on the go with 3 new USB MIDI keyboard controllers in an extremely compact and portable size: iRig Keys 25, iRig Keys 37 and iRig Keys 37 […]

Blueshape BubblePack Is The One Battery Solution

                I sat down to write this giving myself a break in my other work today. It is pack out day for my next adventure, a 10-day shoot where I’ll be traveling and shooting from Bali to East Java. The agenda includes the ocean, mountains, waterfalls and even […]

Despite Hurdles, Drones Are Taking Off

Despite Hurdles, Drones Are Taking Off “I take up a compass heading of 65 degrees out of New York, keep correcting the heading every 100 miles.” – Charles Lindberg, “The Spirit of St Louis,” Warner Bros., 1957 With units selling for $80 to $30,000 plus, there are a lot of drones available today. For example, […]

Canon Goes Dark With New Prototype Camera

Canon has gone into a very dark place with it new prototype ISO 300,000 camera and what it came out with is truly amazing. Watching the video above shows you some insane footage of a camera that can see more than most of us can see in the dark. This fantastic full frame 35mm sensor […]

Feds Want To Register Drone Owners

                Chris Anderson, Co-Founder of 3DR, called it, “Mass Jackassery”. I like that, but you can call it whatever you like, but the on-going onslaught of drone owners flying around airports, crowd-filled stadiums and other really stupid places where anyone with any common sense would fly. The response […]