RED Raven Priced to Fly at $5950

Cranking it up…. #RAVEN4K120fps Posted by Jarred Land on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 So here is what just broke on Facebook by Jarred Land. Red Raven for only $5950 for the Brain only. The RED Fanboys are going nuts on Facebook and Redit A few things we now know based on leaks from a bunch […]

Atomos Delivers More New Features With OS 6.5

                  With the media Blitz about the Shogun’s little brother the Ninja Assassin and the Twins, The Shogun Studio, it is easy to miss that Atomos once again delivered a new OS with fantastic new features. Atomos OS 6.5 offers quite a list of goodies to add […]

3D Used to Promote China to New Yorkers

                  Using a cutting edge combination of 3D and VR offers New Yorkers the experience of China without needing a passport. Titled, “A Beautiful Day, A Beautiful China 2015” , an interactive experience sponsored by the China Intercontinental Communication Center, will take place at Reuters US Headquarters […]

The Samsung NX1 Bible

When I think of my first SLR, the Pentax Spotmatic F and my second, the Nikon F, these were iconic cameras. They broke new ground set a new standard for their time. As I progressed through this review, holding Samsung’s flagship NX1 mirrorless camera, my gut says it will be joining the list soon. While […]

Adobe First With H.265 & HDR Announcement

                Adobe continues to jump out in front surging past it’s nearest competitors with the announcement of some major  implementations. As predicted a few months ago by your’s truly, Adobe revealed support for H.265 with the latest crop of improvements. They are not saying exactly when to expect […]

Sharp Leaps Into 8K TV

                  Sharp announced that the world’s first 8K Tv will arrive next month at the bargain price of only $133,000. For those of you complaining that there isn’t enough 4k TV content, this will really give you something to shout about. 8K TV is the same as […]

While AppleTV Ignores 4K, Amazon Delivers

                While I can’t test and review everything out there, it’s good to know that there are others taking up the reins. John Archer at Forbes Tech has a wonderful story about Apple sitting on its core, so to speak, about 4k while Amazon delivers the 4KFire TV […]

Bug Found in Panasonic GH4 Makes V-LOG Free

                This was found by a Chinese member of EOSHD forum, who reported that they found it while “wandering around a Chinese Filmmaking forum”. No this is not  a photographic hack group of Chinese hackers. You don’t have to do and coding or install anything extra. You could […]

Sony FS5 Loves Atomos Ninja Assassin

                  Like many of you out there I just received an email from Sony promoting the new FS5. While it seems like a great addition for Sony, I noticed one interesting image that caught my eye. The bottom left image shows the FS5 with an Atomos Ninja […]

CES Asia to Double in Size

This is probably not surprising to anyone out there, but Gary Shapiro and gang have just announced a doubling in size for CES Asia. The first show was a huge success and now on the heels of that comes this declaration. The press release follows below. CES Asia 2016 Set to Double in Size from Inaugural […]

iZotope Releases RX Final Mix

              Creating the perfect blend to your audio in your videos has always been a delicate operation. iZotope has long been my personal favorite for it’s  mixing and mastering plug-ins like Nectar 2 as well as it’s standalone audio repair with RX4. Once you’ve picked the music, recorded the […]

Sony a7RII Why No 10-Bit Recording?

              While most are raving about the new Sony a7RII as if it’s the second coming, I found a story that I think reveals more about what the camera doesn’t have. By now you have probably heard about the overheating problem when recording more than 15 minutes of 4K […]

IBC News: Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic URSA Mini B4 Mount

                IBC 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 11, 2015 – Blackmagic Design today introduced the Blackmagic URSA Mini B4 Mount which is a B4 lens mount modification for its new Blackmagic URSA Mini PL camera that lets it use broadcast HD lenses. Since URSA Mini’s launch at NAB, […]

Atomos Uses IBC to Expand 4K Line & Drops Prices on Ninja 2

              Atomos used the IBC to make a major announcement expanding it’s already powerful 4K line up. The Shogun Studio is a Broadcast & Live Event 4K package. With Canon RAW and Motion Blur Time Lapse upgrades thrown in. The debut of the Ninja Assassin, a baby brother of […]

DJI Leaps Ahead with Pro Micro Four Thirds Aerial Camera

              DJI is in a war for aerial supremacy. 3DR jumped out first with the Solo and Smart Shots, but faltered due to problems with the gimbal.  DJI countered the offensive with Intelligent Flight Modes for both the Inspire 1 and Phantom Series. Now they have blasted again with […]

JVC Releases New Firmware for 4KCAM

                  JVC released the version 2.0 firmware upgrade for the popular 4KCAM. The upgrade adds log gamma setting and a unique Prime Zoom feature to the GY-LS300, as well as a histogram and new 70 Mbps 4K recording mode for all three camcorders. For the GY-LS300, “JVC Log” […]

Atomos Unleashes The Ninja Assassin

              As promised, here is the official details. A couple of surprises with the lighter weight and lighter price point. Both are sure to be a hit with the legions of Atomos fans. Atomos is excited to officially reveal the all new Ninja Assassin, a dedicated HDMI 4K/HD Monitor-Recorder […]

Atomos Ninja Assassin

                Atomos will be announcing the newest addition to the ever-expanding line of  external recording devices. Briefly, there was a leaked video online until it was made private. It will probably reappear tomorrow. The Ninja Assassin will be the Shogun’s little brother. By little, I mean it does […]

Panasonic V-LOG for GH4 Has Arrived, Sort Of…

                As predicted, Panasonic released the eagerly awaited V-LOG for the GH4 camera. But alas, it is not free. Like it or not, if you want it, you will have to shell out $99. And it’s pay now and wait. Yes, there is a download that you have […]