Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: Apollo 11 VR video trailer

Some events in history stand above all the rest. Mankind’s first venture off this planet is still the pinnacle of human achievement. You can experience the historic events of 1969 through the eyes of Neil, Buzz and Michael as they embark on history’s greatest journey. I hope that you are ready for your daily fix […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: Ex\Static 360 Experience

The world stands still Yet, my thoughts race forward — Winner of Special Prize for Innovation in Storytelling at World VR Forum 2017, Ex\Static combines elements of theatrical stage design, light art, installation, and Quba Michalski’s unique vision for VR spaces, taking the viewer on a surreal journey through thoughts on art, society, culture and […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: The Pull (Stereoscopic 360° VR film)

Gravity is no longer a constant. Enter a world where the rules that bind us are suddenly disobeyed. In a secret science facility, gravity has been conquered. “Down” is no longer a direction, but a choice. Step into the center of modified chambers and witness the laws of nature be broken in this five-experiment series. […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: Trevor Noah – The Confessional | TEASER | Felix & Paul Studios, Just For Laughs

Episode two of the 3D 360° virtual reality series, ‘The Confessional,’ with Daily Show host and stand-up comedian Trevor Noah, premieres on November 2nd, 2017. ‘The Confessional’ is a 3D 360-degree virtual reality series. Come face-to-face with the world’s comedy elite as they bare their souls to you. From a first date gone wrong, to an ongoing prank, to […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: The Confessional Trailer 3D 360 Virtual Reality by Felix & Paul Studios

How long has it been since your last confession? Starting on October 17th, take a step inside ‘The Confessional’, a 3D 360-degree virtual reality series, and come face-to-face with the world’s greatest comedians, entertainers, and biggest YouTube stars as they bare their souls to you.  ‘The Confessional’ recounts the most intimate, awkward, and hilarious anecdotes of comedy’s elite. From a first date gone wrong, […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: Wild Dolphins VR 360° Video Experience

Swim with wild dolphins in your own home through virtual reality The Dolphin Swim Club came to us with a revolutionary vision. Let the whole world experience swimming with wild dolphins anytime and anywhere through virtual reality. So we helped them to create some stunning footage of wild dolphins. The mission of The Dolphin Swim […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: Isle of Jaws 360 Video

Suit up and join the team on the search for the mysterious “Isle of Jaws” in Discovery’s first-ever full virtual reality act. Watch out for the sharks behind you!For a more immersive experience download and watch on the Discovery VR app – now available on Google Daydream! I hope that you are ready for your […]

Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: 360°, Egyptian Pyramids, Part I

AirPano team has already captured the Egyptian pyramids in 2011. But technologies have developed significantly since that time, in addition we started creating 360° videos. That’s why we wanted to photograph the great pyramids of Giza again. Several times we addressed different Egyptian authorities for an aerial photography permission. But every time we got a […]