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Convergent Design Leaps Forward With Dual-4K Recording










Convergent Design has taken a giant leap over the competition with the introduction of four new features for the Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ recorders that are not offered anywhere else.

  • Dual 4k recording means that you only need one unit instaed of two to record from two different 4k cameras.
  • Quad HD recording with the Apollo option. This also gives you a fantastic compact switcher at the same time. But, keep in mind, it also doubles the price.
  • 4K @ 60fps. With the new 4K standard edging into 60fps this is a vital option.
  • 6G-SDI Support. This again requires the Apollo option, but gives you the ability to monitor and record 6G-SDI signals from the Blackmagic Design cameras. 6G-SDI connectivity means that a single SDI cable can carry up to 4K30p video from cameras such as the Blackmagic Design URSA, URSA Mini and Micro Studio Camera 4Ki. The Blackmagic Design 4K HDMI to SDI converter is also supported, so in conjunction with Apollo’s Dual-4K, two 4K HDMI cameras such as the Sony A7S can be recorded in Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT) on a single device. There are two 6G-SDI inputs so two Blackmagic Design devices can be supported simultaneously. No other portable recorder has dual support for 6G-SDI.










Convergent Design also still has a $500 price reduction going on and includes a 256GB SSD Media with purchase.