Discovery Channel Picks Up Ancient Angkor 4K

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Al Caudullo Productions and Torsten Hoffmann of 4K Content Hub are proud to announce that their co-production, Ancient Angkor 4K has been picked up by the Discovery Channel. Narrated by Damian Mavis and written by Don Linder.


Ancient Angkor 4K tells the story of the breakthrough discoveries about the ancient civilization brought to light thanks to the technology known as LiDAR. This Laser radar imaging peers down from a helicopter mounted position and sees through the foliage revealing the traces of housing, roads, canals and more. It has aided archeologist Damian Evans to discover how the cities and temples were built and gives an unprecedented view of the life of the people that built them and what caused the ultimate demise of the entire civilization.

Produced by Al Caudullo and Torsten Hoffmann and directed and Shot by Al & Bee Caudullo.










Dates and times for the airing of the show have not been decided yet.


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