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Fantastic Fest in 3D

RealD presents Fantastic Fest in 3D on September 24-October 1, 2009.

Fantastic Fest in partnership with RealD is proud to announce its showcase: the best of the best in new 3D films and technology at this year’s festival.  We’ll be hosting numerous 3D events throughout the festival, a 3D Dance Party, the 3D lounge and a series of panels and presentations called The Future of 3D in which industry leaders discuss and demonstrate the latest in 3D technology, equipment and techniques for filmmakers interested in shooting in 3D.

Fantastic Fest and RealD are hosting free matinee screenings of CORALINE 3D on September 12-13 and BATTLE FOR TERRA on September 19-20.  These screenings will be first-come, first serve and will be screened at the Alamo Drafthouse Village. 

Aside from the 3D film Screenings, Fantastic Fest is partnering with RealD and 3D Film & Interactive Festival to execute its first ever stereoscopic 3D entertainment program which will consist of educational panels, a 3D Dance Party and a 3D Film & Interactive Lounge exhibit that will highlight the many advances in digital 3D technology and celebrate the art of the medium across all media platforms.

RealD Fantastic Fest 3D

source: fantasticfest.com

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