Female Muay Thai Fight League First Fight-Round Two shot in 3D VR180

Al Caudullo for 360 today

Yesterday we bought you the exciting first round of the female Muay Thai league first fight. 

Today, I hope you’re ready for Round 2.

The first action was intense between Yayoi form Japan with her five wins, with 3 KO’s and only one loss.

Fantastic Ring side announcing by Arran Sirisompan and Adam Martin. And to promoter and founder Jade Marrisa Sirisompan.

And Nong Nea Sor Sanram from Thailand with 17 wins nine losses and two draws.

How will the second round go?

Let’s watch, and how many of you are watching this 3D VR180 fight with your Headsets?

Leave a comment below to tell me what you think.

Keep watching because here comes the action.

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