Filmmakers’ Social Media Coming on March!

In July of 2014 was announced  to the world and with that, a promise of a more connected and collaborative way to create films, videos, and all sorts of multi-media.


But the journey started long before that. Three years ago co-founder John and Emery Wells decided the status quo just wasn’t going to cut it anymore so we set out to engineer the future. Along their path they turned down job opportunities, relationships, and several acquisition offers by major tech companies because we’re committed to building a great business that will last.


Today, they are pleased to announce we are ready to deliver on that promise. Did it take six months longer than expected? Yes. But they are now launching in 25 days which means by March 31st, all 14,000 of you will get an invite.


Those of you who scored platinum status during signup will get an early invite next week because #platinum, but they have a special reward in store for all of our early supporters. is attending NAB in Las Vegas, April 14th16th, and they’ll have a  demo station setup in the south hall. Details TBD.

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